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How to Create a Resort Feel at Your Home for Year-Long Holiday Vibes

24/11/23 2:01 PM

We're Ready for Summer at Place

22/11/23 11:30 AM

The Brisbane Agent Spreading His ‘Wings’ in His Community

22/11/23 11:18 AM

Stunning Christmas Decorating Trends for 2023

22/11/23 9:00 AM

Simple Energy-Efficient Ideas to Keep Costs Down

17/11/23 9:32 AM

Place Insights | Q1 2023 - 2024

9/11/23 12:00 PM

Return of Mass Auction Event Reigniting Brisbane's Property Market

3/11/23 1:28 PM

How a Labour of Love Gave New Life to this Colonial Homestead

2/11/23 9:50 AM

Brisbane’s Spookiest Halloween Homes

27/10/23 3:33 PM

What You Can Do to Make the Most of October in Brisbane

6/10/23 3:29 PM

How to Prepare Your Home for Fire Season

4/10/23 4:16 PM

Hawthorne Artist Showcasing Local Icons to Celebrate New Olympic City

22/09/23 10:45 AM

Landmark New Retail and Dining Hub Coming to Bulimba's Oxford Street

22/09/23 10:37 AM

Brisbane Mates Tackle Renovation Set to Smash Records

7/09/23 1:00 PM

THE DAY is Back

1/09/23 1:00 PM

Sellers Set to Benefit this Spring Selling Season

29/08/23 10:57 AM

How to Get Your Outdoor Deck Ready For the Warmer Months

24/08/23 2:46 PM

Place Estate Agents named as REIQ Finalists

24/08/23 12:02 PM

Thrilling new Outdoor Adventure Festival coming to Victoria Park

22/08/23 11:14 AM

Experienced Agents Join Place One Group

21/08/23 2:00 PM

A Glimpse of the Largest Health and Wellness Precinct in the Southern Hemisphere Opening in Brisbane…

11/08/23 5:19 PM

A Steady Winter for Brisbane

11/08/23 11:00 AM

A Quick Guide to Brisbane’s Coastal Enclaves

9/08/23 5:30 PM

A Unique Rental Opportunity: The Former Church Turned Multi-Million Dollar Coorparoo Home

4/08/23 2:55 PM

Exciting New Future Promised for Brisbane's Iconic Myer Centre

3/08/23 5:10 PM

Step Inside Two Iconic Brisbane Mansions that Could Test Brisbane's Price Record

28/07/23 12:00 PM

How to Prepare for a Routine Rental Inspection

27/07/23 4:43 PM

Brisbane, it's Hammer Time

26/07/23 5:04 PM

An Investors Guide to Tax Returns in 2023

20/07/23 11:00 AM

A quick guide to Brisbane’s semi-rural suburbs

29/06/23 2:33 PM

Sunnybank Food Trail to return after four years!

26/06/23 2:22 PM

How to care for your swimming pool during winter

21/06/23 3:43 PM

Auction success: What attracted over 200 attendees to this exciting auction?

16/06/23 9:40 AM

How to tastefully add colour to your kitchen

15/06/23 11:29 AM

Inside one of Brisbane’s most iconic Art Deco buildings

12/06/23 9:01 AM

Minimum Housing Standards - Are You Prepared?

9/06/23 9:00 AM

CoreLogic Reports Strongest Monthly Growth since November 2021

2/06/23 11:12 AM

Looking for Brisbane's most exclusive selection off-market properties? There's Only One Place!

2/06/23 9:50 AM

The REIQ's Rental Reform Campaign

26/05/23 3:37 PM

It's Safe to Sell in this Market

19/05/23 3:04 PM

Queenstown is a great place for great properties!

15/05/23 9:17 AM

What you need to know about the Rental Increase Rental Reform

12/05/23 11:00 AM

A Recap of Brisbane’s Biggest On–Site Auction Event

5/05/23 4:08 PM

Place Expands Under “The One Group”

14/04/23 2:00 PM

"Falling into Place": Experienced Office Changes Brands

31/03/23 4:00 PM

Brisbane: One of the World's Greatest Places of 2023

24/03/23 11:30 AM

Opportunities in the Brisbane Property Market in 2023

17/03/23 12:00 PM

Brisbane's once-in-a-generation Infrastructure Investment

3/03/23 12:00 PM

It's Never Cool for Long in Brisbane | Place Insights Annual Edition

24/02/23 3:58 PM

Case Study: A home that’s just extremely liveable

23/02/23 5:00 PM

What to consider when buying your first home

17/02/23 12:30 PM

Is the Auction process still relevant in 2023?

10/02/23 3:00 PM

2023 Valentine's Day experiences around Brisbane

10/02/23 1:30 PM

Guide to creating a functional bathroom in your home

3/02/23 3:00 PM

A quick landlords’ guide to accepting pets in your rental property

27/01/23 9:00 AM

Beautiful styling ideas for your home's hallway

25/01/23 5:00 PM

Why should I conduct a bond clean when vacating a rental property?

25/01/23 5:00 PM

Why are we hearing about a mortgage cliff?

19/01/23 11:00 AM

Why is January the hottest time of year to sell your home?

13/01/23 4:00 PM

How to create a super-functional butler’s pantry

13/01/23 12:00 PM

How to best maintain your home’s solar panels

6/01/23 9:30 AM

Preparing your home for a New Year Sale

29/12/22 9:00 AM

Exciting new openings around Brisbane in 2023

28/12/22 9:00 AM

Five exterior design trends for 2023

20/12/22 3:00 PM

Brisbane’s most dazzling Christmas light displays for 2022

20/12/22 12:00 PM

Case study: Why this turnkey home attracted 6 registered bidders and sold above reserve

15/12/22 4:00 PM

Ready to buy? Get ahead of the Competition in 2023.

9/12/22 10:00 AM

10 interior design trends for 2023

9/12/22 9:30 AM

Christmas gift ideas from local suppliers

9/12/22 9:00 AM

The Risks of Waiting for the Market to Drop

2/12/22 4:30 PM

Must-attend Auctions this weekend

2/12/22 12:00 PM

What's been happening in the Brisbane Property Market? | October Update 2022

29/11/22 2:00 PM

Wonderful Christmas events taking place across Brisbane

25/11/22 11:00 AM

Get to know the different types of home loans

23/11/22 3:00 PM

Magical Christmas decorating trends for 2022

16/11/22 2:00 PM

How to prevent water damage in your home this storm season

16/11/22 2:00 PM

Prepping your outdoor space for summer

11/11/22 12:00 PM

Things to consider when vacating a rental property

4/11/22 11:00 AM

Auctions are holding strong in Brisbane

2/11/22 10:30 AM

Case Study: 25 years of peaceful acreage living

28/10/22 9:00 AM

Family-friendly Halloween events happening around Brisbane

27/10/22 5:00 PM

Where to find Brisbane’s most beautiful jacarandas

21/10/22 2:30 PM

What's been happening in the Brisbane Property Market? | September 2022

19/10/22 9:30 AM

Rental Vacancy Rates are the lowest on record: What does this mean for landlords and tenants?

14/10/22 12:00 PM

Get to know the ‘modern American farmhouse'

7/10/22 11:30 AM

Deep clean your home this Spring

29/09/22 3:30 PM

Four things to know this Spring Selling Season

23/09/22 3:00 PM

In it for the long run: Brisbane Auction update

21/09/22 2:30 PM

Brisbane’s west is in demand

21/09/22 10:00 AM

What's been happening in the Brisbane Property Market? | August 2022

16/09/22 2:00 PM

Auctions with a cause: Must attend Auctions this Charity Round Weekend

16/09/22 12:00 PM

How to prepare your lawn for the warmer months

7/09/22 4:00 PM

What are the different methods of sale?

6/09/22 5:00 PM

Spring Selling Season in Brisbane

1/09/22 11:00 AM

Fantastic Father’s Day experiences across Brisbane

30/08/22 4:00 PM

What's been happening in the Brisbane Property Market? | July 2022

24/08/22 9:00 AM

Queen Street Mall to celebrate 40th birthday with exciting celebrations!

22/08/22 5:30 PM

The next stage of the Cycle: what's next for the Brisbane Property Market?

22/08/22 3:00 PM

Ideas for low-cost, energy-efficient changes in your home

18/08/22 4:30 PM

How to lap up the last days of winter in Brisbane

18/08/22 4:30 PM

Bidding with confidence at Auction

11/08/22 2:00 PM

How to incorporate Japandi design in your home

8/08/22 9:00 AM

Get ready, Brisbane: The Ekka returns!

4/08/22 12:00 PM

What in the world is Virtual Real Estate?

3/08/22 4:00 PM

How do rising construction costs affect the property industry?

2/08/22 8:00 AM

What are Brisbane buyers searching for right now?

29/07/22 10:00 AM

Must-attend Auctions: Super Round 3

28/07/22 8:00 AM

Maintenance and repairs in your investment property

22/07/22 4:00 PM

Auctions work in all markets. Here's Why.

21/07/22 9:00 AM

What's been happening in the Brisbane Property Market?

15/07/22 10:30 AM

How to make the beige trend not 'beige'

13/07/22 4:30 PM

Expert advice for buying a vacant lot: Agent insights

13/07/22 4:30 PM

Case Study: There's no Place like home

7/07/22 5:00 PM

Ideas for a more functional garage

7/07/22 4:00 PM

Brisbane Powerhouse to open night markets, an outdoor cinema and more!

1/07/22 3:00 PM

An agent's guide to open home etiquette

22/06/22 5:00 PM

Effective tips for fighting mould in your home

22/06/22 5:00 PM

Case study: Preparing your home for Auction

16/06/22 1:00 PM

New People for Popular Places

15/06/22 1:00 PM

Labor's Property Promises

14/06/22 12:00 PM

Oktoberfest is returning to Brisbane after two years!

8/06/22 5:00 PM

What infrastructure projects are happening in Brisbane?

8/06/22 5:00 PM

How to use wallpaper in your home

3/06/22 4:00 PM

How to unlock equity in your home

1/06/22 3:00 PM

How to warm up your outdoor entertainment area

27/05/22 10:00 AM

It's Auction Super Round time!

25/05/22 12:00 PM

Wonderful wintery events happening in Brisbane

19/05/22 5:00 PM

Auction method holds strong in Brisbane

13/05/22 2:30 PM

Why Invest in Brisbane Property?

13/05/22 7:00 AM

Simple and beautiful ideas for a cosy winter-ready home

12/05/22 4:00 PM

The cash rate and the Brisbane Property Market: what does it mean?

6/05/22 10:30 AM

Marvellous Mother’s Day experiences across Brisbane

6/05/22 10:00 AM

How to make your guest bedroom feel like home

6/05/22 10:00 AM

Why I love Annerley: Interview with Nick Bekker

29/04/22 8:30 AM

How has the housing market changed since COVID-19?

22/04/22 11:00 AM

Which Brisbane suburbs have the best Auction clearance rate?

22/04/22 11:00 AM

How to create the perfect wine cellar in your home

14/04/22 10:00 AM

Case study: Sustainability is at the core of this century-old story

14/04/22 10:00 AM

Must attend Auctions this Charity Round weekend

8/04/22 12:00 PM

Five egg-celent ways to celebrate Easter in Brisbane

8/04/22 12:00 PM

Brisbane’s Paniyiri Greek Festival to return this May

31/03/22 10:30 AM

Why I love Morningside: Interview with Meagan Muir

31/03/22 10:30 AM

James Street Up Late returns for its 10th birthday

23/03/22 4:00 PM

Your go-to guide for a modern breakfast nook

23/03/22 4:00 PM

Discover Brisbane’s most iconic places in this exciting new exhibition

18/03/22 4:30 PM

Does the upcoming election mean it’s a good time to buy?

15/03/22 5:00 PM

Preparing your garden for the cooler months

15/03/22 12:00 PM

How to utilise your home’s sleep-out

10/03/22 5:30 PM

7 Brisbane-based female creatives to watch

7/03/22 12:00 PM

Brisbane Floods: What can I do to help?

3/03/22 2:30 PM

Case Study: A piece of Morningside's history

3/03/22 11:00 AM

Place Estate Agents now open 24/7 with Propic AI

1/03/22 10:00 AM

Helping people find their happy Place

22/02/22 4:30 PM

Top seven home-styling trends for 2022 according to Pinterest Predicts

22/02/22 3:30 PM

How to soak up the last days of summer in Brisbane

18/02/22 10:00 AM

What are the benefits of getting pre-approval before buying a home?

14/02/22 5:00 PM

Place named 'Game Changer of the Year'

11/02/22 10:30 AM

2022 Valentine's Day experiences across Brisbane

9/02/22 10:30 AM

A change in Place for Brisbane's Bayside

8/02/22 5:00 PM

Why I love New Farm: Interview with Aaron Woolard

3/02/22 4:30 PM

How to make your laundry one to love

2/02/22 5:00 PM

Place's Auction Season 2022 has kicked-off with a bang!

28/01/22 9:30 AM

The Best Lunar New Year Events in Brisbane

28/01/22 9:30 AM

Which Brisbane Suburbs experienced the greatest change in sales value in 2021?

21/01/22 12:30 PM

A Covid-safe guide to attending open-homes and Auctions

13/01/22 11:00 AM

Exciting new Brisbane openings for 2022

11/01/22 5:00 PM

Exterior design trends to watch for in 2022

3/01/22 10:30 AM

2022’s biggest interior design trends

3/01/22 10:30 AM

Brisbane Property Market in 2021 with Damian Hackett

29/12/21 11:00 AM

Get ready for Place's 2022 Auction Season

29/12/21 10:30 AM

Brisbane's best Christmas light displays in 2021

22/12/21 1:45 PM

What is driving the rental market growth?

22/12/21 1:30 PM

Why I love Ascot: Interview with Director and Lead Agent Patrick McKinnon

16/12/21 12:00 PM

Should I buy now or wait until the 'boom' is over?

14/12/21 6:00 PM

Where to shop local around Brisbane this Christmas

9/12/21 9:30 AM

Getting your pool summer ready: Expert tips and tricks

9/12/21 9:30 AM

Place's Auction Xtravaganza is here!

1/12/21 2:30 PM

Spectacular Christmas events happening across Brisbane

30/11/21 3:30 PM

Place Ascot Community Christmas Markets & Charity Auction

25/11/21 6:00 PM

Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital Foundation Charity Auction

25/11/21 6:00 PM

Why I love Bulimba: An interview with Lead Agent Cathy Richards

25/11/21 9:00 AM

Why is now the perfect time to invest in a rental property?

22/11/21 2:30 PM

Case Study: Bringing people together through the joys of music

19/11/21 11:00 AM

Deck the halls with these 2021 Christmas decorating trends

19/11/21 11:00 AM

Tips for creating the perfect home cinema

12/11/21 10:00 AM

Why I love Kangaroo Point: An interview with Lead Agent Michael Bacon

12/11/21 10:00 AM

Play Tourist in Brisbane: Discover some of our favourite local attractions!

3/11/21 2:00 PM

The Auction excitement continues!

3/11/21 2:00 PM

A great success: Place’s Biggest Ever Auction Weekend

28/10/21 3:00 PM

Shannon Harvey - REIQ Residential Salesperson of the Year

28/10/21 2:00 PM

How to spend Brisbane's honorary Ekka long weekend

26/10/21 3:00 PM

Colour trends revitalising our homes in 2021

20/10/21 9:30 AM

Must attend auctions at Place's Biggest Ever Auction Weekend

18/10/21 11:30 AM

Case Study: Why we're selling now.

15/10/21 12:00 PM

Place Estate Agents flagship office shortlisted for an Interior Design Excellence Award

11/10/21 9:00 AM

Place Auction Patrol: Fuelled by our local community

8/10/21 9:00 AM

Get to know the defining features of Art Deco homes

6/10/21 2:00 PM

It's here...Get ready for Place's biggest EVER auction weekend!

30/09/21 5:00 PM

Tour de Cure: Long lunch 2021

28/09/21 5:00 PM

Get ready, punters: The Spring Racing Carnival is almost here

28/09/21 5:00 PM