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The Place Auction Difference

Friday June 4, 2021 ● By Daisy Hicks // Place Estate Agents

Current market conditions where demand is outstripping supply means that more homes in Brisbane are selling ‘under the hammer’ than ever before. At their core, Auctions are an opportunity to transact property in a transparent, open forum environment with set conditions. However, they are much more than just that.


Place have been ambassadors of the Auction method since our doors opened in 2002. The ability an Auction has to create an electric environment, generate interest and the unconditional nature of the sale, all point towards a greater sale price, when compared to selling via private treaty.

Years of Auction experience means that our team have conducted them in all sorts of conditions and adapted as needed. Consequently, our team are experts in the process, with the industry knowledge to create the perfect Auction-day experience for sellers, buyers and spectators alike.

When you attend a Place Auction, our commitment to excellence is all around you; the Auction is considered a community event as opposed to a time and place to sell a home. The entire Place team are incredibly proud of this culture and belief that we have worked hard to build within the Brisbane market over the last 20 years.


Place Chief Auctioneer Peter Burgin says that not only should you strongly consider the Auction method, it's also important that your Auction is in the right hands. "We pride ourselves on transparency and advice on the current market condition - Brisbane is still experiencing an enormous level of activity, which comes a high level of competition, precisely why Auction generates the best results. At Place, we deliver first-class Auctions in abundance."

You only have to attend a few to spot the difference between an Auction, and a strategically planned and organised Auction that aims to provide value to everyone in attendance.

So, what makes a Place Auction special? It’s the combination of our master Auctioneers, 'Auction Army' and powerful network of buyers and sellers all over the country.

If you have experienced a Place Auction, you may be familiar with the 'Auction Army'. They’re a team of real estate professionals who each play a key role in creating the perfect Auction Day, ensuring every attendee is well-informed and given 6-star service. From a free coffee cart, to an on-site mortgage broker and floor auctioneer to customer service, everything is covered.

This team is led by the Agent responsible for marketing the property, and one of our master Auctioneers. Together, they ensure the vendor achieves a price they are happy with, along with a seamless end-to-end experience.

Place’s three Master Auctioneers include Peter Burgin, Paul Curtain and Mark Frater who together have over 75 years of combined experience and a list of accolades to prove it. Each of them have called in excess of 10,000 auctions and are devoted to refining their craft, becoming authors of change within the field, and coaches to all.

In 2021, we’ve taken 393 properties across Brisbane to Auction with a clearance rate of 86%. You can bet that the homes which haven’t sold at auction are quick to be snapped up soon after. No other agency dedicated to Brisbane can say they run Auctions as consistently as the Place team does. These results are a testament to a process and experiences that has been refined over years of experience, born from our commitment to help people find their happy Place.

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