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Place Auctions

Delivering Brisbane's best Auction experience since 2002.


Why Auction?

The ability an Auction has to create an electric environment, generate interest and the unconditional nature of the sale, is simply unrivalled when compared to selling via private treaty. 

More homes are selling at Auction in Brisbane than ever before, which means it is more important than ever to have Brisbane’s most experienced Auction team guiding you through the process. 

At their core, Auctions are an opportunity to transact property in a transparent, open forum environment with set conditions. However, at Place, they are much more than just that.


Auctions at Place

Place have been ambassadors of the Auction method since our doors opened in 2002.

When you attend a Place Auction, our commitment to excellence is all around you; the Auction is considered a community event as opposed to a time and place to sell a home. As a result, we have built an esteemed reputation for delivering Brisbane’s best Auction experience. The entire Place team are incredibly proud of this culture and belief that we have worked hard to build over 20 years.

We are always trying to improve the Auction experience and are proud to have remained ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation in Auctions. 


Our commitment to you

Place Estate Agents was established in 2002 with a clear vision: to be Brisbane's best residential real estate agency. Today, Place dominate the Brisbane market with our focus solely dedicated to this city. Auctions are a large part of our business, and we are committed to providing Brisbane's best Auction experience in the hopes that we maximise the value of what is someone's largest asset.

Collectively, Place held over 1100 Auctions across Brisbane in 2021. This is a testament to our unwavering belief in Auctions as a method of sale as well as our commitment to leading the industry in Brisbane.

Meet our Chief Auctioneer

Our Auctioneers

Peter Burgin 800x800

Peter Burgin



Paul Curtain



Tara Kelly



Sam Kelso 800x800

Sam Kelso


Glenn Bool 800x800

Glenn Bool 



Mark Frater 



Our Auctioneers are leaders in the industry, with over 100 years of combined experience and a list of impressive accolades to match. Together, they have called over 10,000 Auctions and are also devoted to refining their craft and becoming authors of change within the field as coaches to the next generation of Auctioneers. 

Prior to Auction Day, your Auctioneer and Agent will meet with you to discuss strategies and procedures for your Auction. Gathering a vibrant crowd of qualified buyers that have enthusiasm and energy on the day is paramount to success. We understand the stresses that can often come with Auctions and want you to know that you are in full control of the outcome and will receive our full support with any decisions you make concerning the sale of your home.

The Industry Exclusive Place Auction Patrol

The Place Auction Patrol is a team of real estate professionals who each play a key role in creating the perfect Auction Day experience. This team work together to ensure every attendee remains well-informed, given 6-star service and the agent and auctioneer can remain focused on their key duty.  

Auction Insights for Sellers

Auction Insights

Why sell at Auction?

Auction Insights

Getting ready to sell at Auction.


Auction Insights

Potential Auction outcomes.

Auction Insights for Buyers

Auction Insights

Getting ready to buy at Auction.

Auction Insights

Bidder registration & contract preparation.

Auction Insights

What if a property doesn't sell?


Auction Insights

Absentee Bidding.


Auction Insights

Buying under a company name.


Auction Insights

Buying under an SMSF or Trust.




Auction Insights

Auction term variations.



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