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How to Create a Resort Feel at Your Home for Year-Long Holiday Vibes

Friday November 24, 2023 ● By Emily Russ // Place Estate Agents

As the year approaches its end and summer creeps in, it’s natural to daydream of jetting off to an exotic destination for an unforgettable holiday. Want to create that same atmosphere at home? We’ve gathered some go-to tips for making your property feel like a resort all year long…


Maximise comfort with texture and colour

Cast your mind back to some of your most cherished escapes – do you envision plush daybeds, cloud-like pillows and linen curtains swaying in the breeze? A simple but effective way to evoke this same feeling at home is to invest in quality furnishings and embellishments with a focus on texture. Add plush cushions to your couches, drape your bed in soft manchester and cosy up your living area with a thick rug. For a truly lavish atmosphere, generously layer your textures and create a space that makes you want to laze about in sheer luxury.

Additionally, embracing a fresh and bright colour palette of crisp whites teamed with nature-inspired hues can have brilliant impact. Not only will this encourage natural light to flow throughout your home, it can also soothe and set the scene for indulgent relaxation.

If you’re aiming for a coastal look, consider accent tones such as seafoam green and soft blue. Opt for statement pieces in deep greens and punchy rust hues for a tropical-influenced aesthetic, or bring the charm of your favourite Mediterranean destinations back home with pops of deep azure.



Go big on natural elements

Whether it’s a beachy locale, a sandy isle or a hinterland retreat, nature is often at the heart of our most memorable holidays. Bring the outdoors in by using natural elements and incorporate plenty of greenery native to your ideal destination for stunning results.

If you’re building new, give thought to adding design accents such as stone feature walls or a striking timber staircase. You can also easily celebrate nature by choosing items like rattan furniture, woven jute rugs or stone decorative pieces.

To keep things cohesive, select a general destination ‘type’ for your styling (for example, Bali villa, Greek island home or Palm Beach retreat) and put together a mood board of inspiration.


Display décor inspired by a favourite destination

Something that can really set apart a holiday home from your everyday abode is how they use decorative elements from their destination. A beach shack with shell statement pieces and framed surf prints, a tropical retreat featuring palm-print wallpaper, a Mexi-Cali hideaway dotted with giant potted cacti – there is a world full of styling ideas to draw upon.  

If you’ve collected treasured items from your travels that suit your chosen look, be sure to showcase them to create styling moments that are both refined and meaningful. This can be as fuss-free as putting out framed holiday snaps or artwork reflecting postcard-perfect landscapes.




Focus on the outdoors

No matter where your travels have taken you, chances are that you spent a considerable amount of time chilling outdoors. With Queensland’s balmy temperatures and sunny skies, we are thankfully well-positioned for enjoying the same luxuries at home.

Make your outdoor area a space you simply can’t resist escaping to by creating styling moments that maximise functionality. If you have an al fresco area, dress it up with a beautiful outdoor dining set, tableware and hanging pendants.

Poolside sun-loungers are synonymous with holiday vibes, especially when shaded by fringed umbrellas. Is there a forgotten gazebo or pavilion area in your yard? Make it delightfully comfortable and cosy with layered cushions and a throw blanket – who wouldn’t want to unwind here with a good book and a refreshing drink?

However you choose to reimagine your outdoors, think about how you will realistically use the space and make it work for you. Cheers to that!

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