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How to Tastefully Include Vintage and Antique Pieces in Your Home Styling

Wednesday March 27, 2024 ● By Emily Russ // Place Estate Agents

Often appearing on ‘home design trends’ lists in the last few years, styling with vintage and antique pieces is growing in popularity. Perfect for adding a touch of character and a point of difference to a space, this concept also appeals to those looking to make their style more sustainable and timeless.


Thinking about adding vintage or antique pieces to your home? We asked Empire Revival owner and vintage enthusiast Suzy Baines for her insight. Read on for more…

Do you have any advice for those in the initial stages of considering adding vintage/antique pieces to their home styling?

Suzy: “Choose your key pieces for function and comfort based on your taste. Certain pieces of antique and vintage furniture might not meet these requirements. For example, a modern sofa is usually much more comfortable and functional. Antique or vintage chairs, however, can work a treat.

Ideal antique pieces to start your vintage styling journey might be a dining table or a sideboard, as larger and more significant pieces can get you inspired to continue and are great to style around.”


What are some effective ideas for incorporating vintage/antique pieces into a modern home?

Suzy: “Start things off with a significant piece, not just small bits and pieces. A beautiful old chest of drawers, a sideboard or desk can add to both the comfort of a room and be very functional.

Next, mix old with new – think, perhaps, an older dining table with modern chairs. You can also reupholster older chairs to have a unique shape and character combined with a fresh, contemporary fabric. Not only can this look amazing, it can also make a space more tailored to your existing styling and tastes.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to use pieces in a way other than what they might have been intended for. As long as adding them makes your room more comfortable and functional, your twist will add enormously to the room’s character.”

What would your advice be for those wanting to embrace old-world styling but keep a timeless aesthetic, rather than transforming their home into a museum?

Suzy: “The key to creating an aesthetic that doesn’t date is to keep the overall design clean and simple.

It’s best to not add too much in the way of small pieces. These can also be changed out over time to freshen things up as needed.”


What would you say to anyone considering adding vintage/antique pieces to their styling that might be a little nervous to change things up?

Suzy: “Age adds character, warmth and presence. Often, it’s the old pieces that give a room a sense of originality.

Using antique and vintage pieces is also socially responsible and historically important. We need to value the materials and workmanship of a well-made old piece of furniture and ensure it doesn’t end up as landfill.”

Situated in Paddington’s popular Latrobe Terrace, Empire Revival is a true Brisbane icon that ranges a distinctive array of vintage and antique pieces from over 50 merchants. Regarded for its exceptional items, it also offers invaluable advice for those looking to invest in pieces from a bygone era.

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