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THE DAY is Back

Friday September 1, 2023 ● By Daisy Hicks // Place Estate Agents

Place Auctions

Place Estate Agents are incredibly excited to be presenting the second iteration of THE DAY, designed to maximise the online presence of every property and capitalise on the best selling season of the year.


Our Inaugural event of THE DAY in May was a major success with the following

  • 70 Auctions
  • 63 Sold
  • 90% Clearance Rate
  • 4.2 Average Bidders Per Auction


One of the anticipated factors was an increase in buyer enquiry based on the unique game plan THE DAY brings to Place’s customers. This is what happened:

  • Realestate.com / portal enquiry u1p 19%
  • Phone enquiry up 21%
  • Open Home numbers up 13%
  • Bidder numbers up 25%

To take advantage of this seasonally driven market opportunity, THE DAY coordinates the online launch of all properties to market on the King's Birthday holiday (October 2nd).

Monday public holidays see a spike in real estate portal searches and traffic so a coordinated launch for all THE DAY properties on this day will get more eyeballs on your listing and immediate traction for your property campaign.

THE DAY will then deliver a unique experience with all properties individually catered for on-site or in-rooms by our leading in-house auctioneers, with the support of the industry exclusive Place Auction Patrol.

Want to be a part of Brisbane's most exciting Auction event? Get in touch now!


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