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How to tastefully add colour to your kitchen

Thursday June 15, 2023 ● By Emily Russ // Place Estate Agents

From actress Dakota Johnson’s green kitchen becoming an internet sensation to the search term ‘colourful kitchen cupboards’ rising in popularity on Pinterest, there’s no denying that many homeowners are looking to brighten up the heart of their homes. Thinking of going with a bolder look? We’ve gathered a quick guide to tastefully adding colour to your kitchen…


Take inspiration from colourful accents in your home or its surrounds

Before you find yourselves staring at a wall of paint swatches and being overwhelmed with choice, give thought to what will look the most natural in your home. If there is a particular colour palette that is showcased throughout your abode, seek out tones that will complement the rest of the residence. Is there a wallpapered feature wall or an eye-catching artwork in your central living area? Are your furnishings in a curated scheme of hues? Look out for a colour that will work organically within the space and keep things cohesive for incredible results.

It's also a smart idea to consider your home’s surrounds and its general character. Properties set amongst greenery can benefit from a sage green or rusty-toned culinary space, while a Hamptons-style kitchen lends itself to fresh blue or deep navy hues. Traditional Queenslander residences often suit deep jewel tones, especially when teamed with decorative details such as colourful stained-glass windows and leadlight pendants. For contemporary sophistication, offset a monochromatic colour palette with youthful peachy or blush tones.


Make a statement with your cabinetry

A fantastic way to create instant impact in your kitchen is to install colourful cabinetry. Add an accent colour by adding a bold breakfast bar or island bench, or breathe life into the space by featuring all your cabinetry in a treasured hue. Renovators, painting your cabinetry is also quite simple and will transform your kitchen into a new gourmands’ heaven. Prepare the surfaces first by scrubbing off any dirt or oil, then prime and paint the cabinetry in your chosen tone to elevate your kitchen’s design.

Get creative with stone and tiles

If you prefer to stick to cabinetry in classic neutral or monochromatic tones, brighten up the space with a striking feature wall or splashback. A patterned tile displaying pops of colour can make your kitchen feel as if you’ve stepped into an exotic destination – think high-end New York loft, elegant Mediterranean villa or charming French Provincial cottage. Additionally, using a colourful grout can be a subtle method of introducing a new hue. Popular choices at the moment include emerald green, soft pink and deep terracotta orange. Natural stone with dramatic veining is another brilliant option, especially for benchtops and splashbacks.


Don’t overlook your decorative accents

The kitchen might not be the first room in the home you think of when considering decorative accents, but that’s being shaken up in 2023. Many homeowners and designers are opting to adorn their culinary spaces with items such as beautiful ceramics, artwork and rugs. Reference your punchy colour palette by embracing the trend and sourcing colourful pieces. Installing pendant lights in a bold hue can also be effective, as well as creating a wallpapered or painted feature wall. However you choose to bring colour into your kitchen, be sure to choose tones that inspire happiness and make you feel right at home.

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