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Why I love Annerley: Interview with Nick Bekker

Thursday April 28, 2022 ● By Grace Holgate // Place Estate Agents

Why I love Annerley: Interview with Nick Bekker

Known as an eclectic inner-city haven and loved for its vibrant character, Brisbane's Annerley is a beautifully suburban pocket that is loved by those just passing through and residents alike. 

Lead Agent of Place Annerley, Nick Bekker loves Annerley for its vibrant character, rich history and the wonderful community feel. We recently spoke with Nick to learn more about this special southside suburb. 


What is the suburb known for? 

Annerley is known for its character made by grand old homes rich in history, the range of unique shops and cafés and of course, the people that make up the Annerley community.

People connect here, in the old-fashioned way they chat while waiting for coffee; it’s a real community which is very warming to see in this day and age.


Fun fact about Annerley?

There are 25 heritage listed sites in Annerley. One of these sites includes the local state school ‘Junction Park State School’ which was built between 1901 and 1910 in Classical architecture design. You don’t see many schools like this anymore, but the nature of the build fits perfectly into the Annerley culture. Annerley grew rapidly from around 1880 and the history is something the community likes to hold on to and celebrate.


Favourite Café?

Little Clive Café – It's a charming little café on Clive Street that is full of personality. They specialise in reinventing the wheel with your traditional dishes and can be quite fun with it.



Favourite restaurant and your go-to dish?

Who doesn’t love a good curry? Sankalp is my favourite dining spot and is extremely popular. With over a thousand google reviews, don’t think you’ll get in on a weekend without a booking. The Black Pepper Lamb Curry is definitely worth trying.


What you love about the property in Annerley?

There is something for everyone. Most of the homes are Queenslanders, but there is also a market for young couples with many units in Annerley. There are also some new architecturally designed homes for people who prefer a more modern approach to living, and a lot of these homes capture stunning city views.

In the last 5-10 years we have seen a lot of redesigning of homes where they have incorporated the original home to integrate with a completely modern extension of the home, it’s wonderful to see.




Defining features of the properties in Annerley

There are a lot of Queenslander-style homes. It’s surprising how many of them still don all the original features, like light switches and fireplace mantles. Some of course have been renovated back to their former glory, but some are like walking into a time capsule.


Best way to get around the suburb?

By foot or electric scooter – We are seeing a lot of low-cost electric transport growing in popularity around Annerley, much like the rest of Brisbane. It’s a fast and fun way to zip around the quaint tree-lined streets and look after the environment at the same time. I try to scooter to the office at least once a week. The new Veloway is on our doorstep and provides quick and easy bike access north to the city and South Bank and south to Eight Mile Plains with further extensions well under way.


What are some local attractions in Annerley

On the edge of a faded shopping strip sits this little retro gem of a shop with its stash of comics from the ’40s on as well as classic cars, games and action figure dolls, many in mint condition and still in their original boxes. Fats Comics is Brisbane's best place to find rare and collectible comics, toys, figures, and scarcities.


Go-to shopping spot?

It all depends on what you’re shopping for. Annerley has a big market for sustainable living and many locals are passionate about making a difference. Elli Earth Living is a popular store that sells environmentally friendly products for your home that are locally made. A visit to this store will have you feeling like you’re doing your bit to help the planet. There is an array of retro and vintage thrift shops about Annerley which provide a great morning for those who like to stroll from shop to shop before enjoying a coffee at one of the many cafés. 



Are there any community projects in Annerley? 

The Junction Fest is a once-a-year celebration of Annerley with its unique stores, environmentally conscious citizens, and exciting local music. The community also put on a show for special occasions such as Christmas and Halloween, often lining the main streets with red ribbons and decorations. People really make an effort to brings some joy to others lives.


What's an interesting fact about Annerley?

For a long time, there was no definite name for Annerley. Some called it Boggo Junction, others Ekibin and some simply, Ipswich Rd. Hon Digby Denham, who later became Premier of Queensland decided to end the confusion in 1892, choosing the name Annerley after Annerley in Surrey, England. It's so interesting learning about how much this suburb has evolved!

We love Brisbane and all of the unique and wonderful suburbs within it. Thinking of buying a property in Annerley? Check out our current properties for sale here.

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