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We're Ready for Summer at Place

Wednesday November 22, 2023 ● By Daisy Hicks // Place Estate Agents

We're working all Summer at Place with the season culminating at our ‘One Summer Day’ in-rooms and on-site Auction event at Place HQ and across Brisbane on 31 January .


Why Sell in Summer?

Each January, Realestate.com.au reports its highest traffic rates driven by increased local and interstate enquiry and this search spike starts on Boxing Day, the highest property search volume day of the year. Summer also sees the usual catalysts for change, like employment transfers, school transitions and lifestyle upgrades. 'One Summer Day' is designed to take advantage of these conditions. 

‘One Summer Day’ is an extension of our market leading ‘THE DAY’ Auction event which we ran earlier this year in May and again in October. These events delivered impressive clearance rates which can be put down to many factors that the Place Auction process delivers.

One of the anticipated factors was an increase in buyer enquiry based on the unique Auction game plan that Place delivers to its customers. This is what happened:

– Realestate.com.au / portal enquiry up 19%

– Phone enquiry up 21%

– Open Home numbers up 13%

– Bidder numbers up 25%

These increased levels of buyer engagement combined to create very competitive bidding environments across our Auctions and helped deliver great results for our vendors.

Our ‘One Summer Day’ event is expected to deliver equally strong results during the prime summer selling season.

‘One Summer Day’ coordinates the online launch of the majority of properties to the market on Boxing Day or New Year's Day, with a third launch option of January 8.

Public holidays see a spike in property searches on the real estate portals so coordinating the online launch of properties on high volume search days will get more eyeballs on your listing and immediate traction for your property campaign.


Why Auction now?

The ability an Auction has to create an electric environment, generate interest and the unconditional nature of the sale, is simply unrivalled when compared to selling via private treaty.

More homes are selling at Auction in Brisbane than ever before, which means it is more important than ever to have Brisbane’s most experienced Auction team guiding you through the process.

So far in 2023, the Place Auctions team has continued to deliver outstanding Auction results for our clients.

OSD Auction Results

Want to stand out to buyers this Summer? Bookings are limited - get in touch here and secure your preferred time now. 


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