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10 Interior Design Trends for 2024

Thursday December 28, 2023 ● By Emily Russ // Place Estate Agents

Daydreaming of renovating or transforming a much-loved space? We’ve collected the 10 most sensational interior design trends that we’ll be seeing next year. Read on and prepare to be inspired…


Organic shapes

As homeowners are opting for décor with personality and character, pieces featuring organic shapes are rising in popularity. From wavy-edged mirrors to uniquely-curved coffee tables, furniture and décor is becoming less symmetrical and cookie-cutter to create a sense of warmth. Adding to this, homeowners are also seeking out decorative items with a handmade quality to them – think rustic vases, eye-catching pendant lights and bespoke ceramic pieces.


Colour drenching

Gaining momentum in 2023, the ‘colour drenching trend’ is going to be even bigger and bolder next year. What does this involve? Rather than choosing an accent colour to be used here and there, this look invites homeowners to embellish their residences in a singular colour palette.

Embrace the trend by painting interior walls in a favourite hue and carrying it through to your furnishings and décor pieces in varying shades. Colours expected to be showcased regularly are warm hues such as earthy browns, terracotta-like oranges, deep blushes and punchy yellows. Nature-inspired tones like greens and sandy beiges are also here to stay.


More defined spaces

Previously, open-plan layouts have reigned supreme. While homeowners are still prioritising functionality and connectivity, there is now a shift to create more ‘nooks’ and defined spaces tailored to their specific needs. Reading retreats, integrated study spaces and calming meditation areas with custom joinery and cosy atmospheres are in demand, following Covid-19 lockdowns. This can also be a brilliant way to utilise an otherwise forgotten space in your residence, truly making your home your private sanctuary.


Zellige tiles

Much like with the ‘organic shapes’ trend, the popularity of Zellige tiles is largely thanks to its somewhat rustic look and tactile nature. Originating in Morocco, these particular tiles are crafted from clay that is later glazed and fired to create unique surfaces with attractive irregularities. When patterned in a mosaic-inspired style, Zellige tiles add an element of handmade charm to bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. Look for options in creamy beiges, peachy pinks, rich browns, fresh whites and cool greens for sophisticated results.


Wildflower motifs

If you’re not afraid to play around with wallpaper in your home, consider mixing things up with a striking wildflower-inspired motif. Finding its roots in the ‘cottage-core’ aesthetic (pun unintended), this trend celebrates fun and playfulness to give a residence character. Want to keep things a little pared-back? Give your property a little old-world elegance with wildflower-adorned items such as cushions, curtains and statement armchairs.


Kitchen nooks and banquettes

Imagine settling into a cushioned bench seat before enjoying a warming coffee or a fortifying breakfast – sounds ideal, right? Encouraging homeowners to do just this, the trend of incorporating kitchen nooks and banquettes into residences is one to watch in 2024. Perfect for maximising space, these clever additions involve integrating bench seating centred around a central dining table. Of course, these versatile spaces can also become ‘homework stations’ and ‘work from home’ nooks. Functionality? Tick. Charm? Tick.


Metallic accents

While natural materials like timber and stone have enduring appeal, mixed metals are also having a moment in the new year. Whether it’s used in décor pieces or structural elements, cooler-toned metals like chrome and stainless-steel are gaining attention for their hard-wearing nature and sleek look. On the other side of the spectrum, warm metals such as brass and copper with a lightly burnished finish are still a refined choice for handles and tapware.


Sculptural sconce lighting

Perfect for adding artisanal flair to your home while not compromising on functionality, the trend of installing sculptural-style wall sconces is not to be overlooked. Simply put, sconces are a light fixture that are attached to walls, rather than hanging from a ceiling. These fixtures can be ‘dressed up’ to include decorative shapes and to complement a home’s styling. Ceramic and metallic options in shell-like shapes are currently making it big, as are fluted-edge designs and stone-clad Japandi styles.


Brown hues

Buttery beiges may have been the dominating colour of 2023, but chocolatey browns are also coming into the design forefront in the new year. Expect to see rich espresso-inspired hues in upholstery, fabrics and textiles, as well as 1970s-style warm brown accent walls. Pair with layered beiges and varying shades of taupe to keep things elevated.


Hotel-style luxury

You know that feeling you get when you walk into a high-end hotel’s lobby to check in, or when you navigate its mood-lit hallways to your room? More homeowners are wanting to create this atmosphere at home in 2024, as hotel-inspired design details are being requested in increasing numbers. Centred around the idea of ‘quiet luxury’, this trend balances comfort and opulence in touches like integrated lighting, striking wallpaper patterns and stone accents. Entryways and staircases are also in the spotlight, allowing properties to make a grand first impression.


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