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3 Tips to Ensure Your Pool is Safe and Secure

Friday June 29, 2018 ● By Chelsea Keim // Place Coorparoo


Ensuring your pool is the safest it can be is extremely important for the safety of your friends and family.

This should be a priority, especially for families with young children, when purchasing a home with a pool or deciding to have one developed.

We caught up with Will Maunsell from PWM Pool Inspections to get his top three tips on pool safety.

Is your pool compliant? Find out below. 


Tip 1: Pool fence

The number one rule for pool owners is making sure the pool is surrounded by appropriate fencing.

A pool fence is put in to isolate the house and doorways from the pool area.

“The fence must be 1200mm high with no gaps underneath more than 100mm,” says Will.  

This is to ensure no small children can climb over the fence or crawl under the fence.

Tip 2: Gate

The second most important rule is to ensure your gate is up to standards.

Will says, “the gate must be self closing and self latching, even from rest.”

If the gate doesn’t self close or latch the risk of someone leaving it open is much higher, allowing small children to wonder into the pool area unattended.

Tip 3: CPR sign

This tip could save lives and is essential in all pool areas.

You must have a compliant resuscitation sign (CPR) that is visible from the pool area.

A CPR sign is important to ensure if an incident occurs, people who are around have instructions on what to do when a person is unconscious.

“In the case of requiring resuscitation, this sign provides step by step instructions of what to do.”

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