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Cultivate a beginner's mindset at work

Tuesday August 30, 2022 ● By Grace Holgate // Place Estate Agents

Cultivate a beginner's mindset

Do you remember how excited and eager to learn you were when you first started your job? What if we told you that you could cultivate a 'beginner's mindset' every day?

It's normal to go through learning and progression slumps at work; we get it, life happens and work can get busy! But approaching work with a 'beginner's mind' is something I'm learning to live by. Here's how you can work with a beginner mindset too. 


What is a beginner's mindset? 

The theory originates from Japanese Zen techniques and is traditionally called 'Shoshin' which translates to 'beginner's mind'. The technique was introduced to western culture by Shunryu Suzuki who said "In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's there are few."

A beginner's mindset involves approaching a situation as though you are a beginner, regardless of your experience. The theory is, that approaching a task or situation with an open mind and without judgement enables you to obtain more creative and innovative thinking.

A beginner doesn't have expectations or preconceived notions to limit their view of a situation. When you're a beginner, you are curious and see the world with fresh eyes - a beginner has access to a world of possibilities!

So, how can you foster a beginner's mindset at work?


Let go of preconceptions and expectations

Attending a meeting that can sometimes feel like a 'waste of time?' (read our blog on how to run an effective team meeting here). This one is tough, but the next time you enter the meeting or the task at hand, resist the temptation to assume. How do you know how something will really go until it happens?

By entering the meeting without preconceptions, you are more likely to engage and be open to the ideas that are presented in the meeting! 


Be curious 

Ask questions for a fresh perspective. By harnessing your curiosity and actively listening to others and their ideas, you can open yourself up to an array of new ideas and opinions that may have previously been out of your scope.

Ask questions like "tell me more about that?" Or "how would you go about this task?" By opening yourself up through curiosity, you're unlocking the door to innovation and growth. 


Be open to new possibilities 

Humans are creatures of habit and routine, but it's important to push your limits and be open to new possibilities at work. Through the incredible curiosity questions that you're now ready to ask, it is likely that new and exciting opportunities will come about. Be sure to envision new opportunities along the way, and be ready to take the new possibilities on!

Remember, cultivating a beginner's mindset can take time and it's essential to be kind to yourself along this journey! The best thing about cultivating a beginner's mind is that it is always accessible and there are opportunities for you to bring a fresh perspective to old insights every day! 

Want to be surrounded by a team that encourages a beginner's mindset at work? Make our Place, your Place today. 

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