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Working From Home? Here's What You Need to Know to Stay Focussed

Thursday March 26, 2020 ● By Joe La Spina // Place Estate Agents

home desk

Like many others out there in the professional workforce, you may have found yourself carrying the contents of your desk back home because of a certain virus affecting the global population.

home desk

While this may seem as equally as nerve-racking as it is exciting, but we've lined up a few tips to help keep you motivated, focussed and on-task to keep kicking those goals. 

Just like our own organisation, our employees have taken to the remote workforce in a social distancing effort. For many, this may be a totally unfamiliar move and seem clunky or awkward to begin with. However, with the perfect balance of home and office, you can work to make this arrangement an extremely productive and fun time to be at work. 

Get mentally prepared

You'd be forgiven if you thought at some point that working from home (WFH) meant rolling out of bed and logging-on in your pyjamas. As pleasant as this may sound -- and let's face it, we've all envisaged that at least once -- this can actually be extremely counter-productive to what you're trying to achieve. 

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You ultimately want to be as prepared and mentally focussed as you would be if you were heading into the office. That means, keeping to some sort of daily routine, and dressing for the occasion; you may not have to keep wearing that ironed collared shirt, dress or suit, but it's best to wear something that will put you in the right frame of mind, ready to keep kicking those goals. 

Stay focussed

Although most of us find it easy to focus when we're at home, a lot of distractions can come with it. For example, perhaps you're working on a new project when you remember there's a load of laundry waiting for your attention; that, or the fridge is calling you... perhaps the latter is taking up most of your time. 

chess game

Regardless of what it is, according to a 2018 survey conducted by Buffer, 16% of remote employees say they feel distracted when working from home. For most, this wont be surprising. Many things happen at home, and naturally, it can be difficult to transform this space into your workspace which is typically a seperate environment. Experienced remote employees work by the sound of some background noise (from sources like a TV or radio), 21% concentrate in silence, and another 21% focus by listening to meditative music.

Ultimately, if you're still struggling to focus, figure out which environmental factors can help you increase productivity. Changing background noise, lighting, time-of-day, or room of the house in which you work can all help you become more focused. 

Make your home workspace a Pro workspace

If you work in a traditional office with a desk, chair, computer and succulents galore, then you'll want to make sure you have a setup that’s comfortable and ergonomic, as you’ll be spending a lot of time sitting there!

It’s best if your workspace is a dedicated space just for work. It should be comfortable and practical, but it’s also important to have a mental distinction between work and life. The #1 tip is not to work from the couch or in bed! Try setting up your space like the below:working from home best practice

Source: Workable


Food is your friend, and exercise too!

Make sure you have enough food available at home so you can eat well throughout the day, especially if you can’t go out because of isolation. As tempting as snacking all day may be, it's best to keep your body healthy with real food full of fruit and veggies. Perhaps indulge in a treat or snack after completing your to-do list, project or KPI to keep things interesting! 

Along with a proper diet including plenty of water, it's just as important to keep that body moving. Stand up, have a stretch, or go for a walk when/if you can. If you have a furry friend, plan to have a few plays here and there, having breaks every 25 minutes if possible. 

It's a mental game you're gonna win

It may start to feel lonely if you’re not coming into the office every day or you’re unable to leave home. While this is a normal feeling to have at such a time, why not keep an open line of communication with a friend or colleague? Chances are, if they're in the same boat, they'll be feeling the same way. 

The higher-ups will most likely be conscious to check in as much as possible, but if you’re struggling, find someone you trust to have a chat about it and why not start a Zoom or FaceTime meeting? Reignite the nostalgia around your past study groups. 

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