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The 2021 Ekka has been cancelled-here’s how you can show your support this year

Friday August 6, 2021 ● By Grace Holgate // Place Estate Agents

ekka 2021

Due to the recent developments of COVID-19 in Queensland, The Ekka was sadly cancelled just four days’ out from its commencement. Despite the show being cancelled for the second year in a row, The Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association of Queensland (RNA) are working hard to keep the Ekka spirit alive! Here’s how you can show your support this year.  



Purchasing Showbags


That’s right, you are still able to purchase your favourite showbags online! From Bertie Beetle to the World’s Biggest Jumbo Showbag and everything in between, the Ekka Marketplace is stocked with sugary goodness!



DIY Strawberry Sundaes  


There’s nothing more magical (or delicious) than having a Strawberry Sundae at the Ekka! Brought to you by The Common Good, an initiative of the Prince Charles Hospital Foundation, these tasty treats help fund innovation and medical discoveries that improve and save lives.  


While the collection for the DIY Strawberry Sundae packs has currently been postponed, the Common Good team are working hard to organise alternative dates for the collection and delivery of packs, dependent on restrictions.  


In the meantime, you can join the movement and support The Common Good by donating on their website. 





Donating to the RNAF 


The RNA Foundation (RNAF) is the charitable arm of the RNA association and was established in 2017 to aid agricultural heritage preservation, agricultural education and agricultural awareness throughout Queensland.  


The RNAF strive to celebrate and champion the essential role agriculture plays in the everyday lives of Queenslanders.  


If you would like to give back to thoseaffected by the cancellation of the 2021 show and their communities,the RNAF are accepting donations on their website. 




Supporting the Royal Show Competitions and Competitors 


The RNA endeavours to see if some of the 2021 Royal Queensland Show competitions can continue these next two weeks in a COVID-Safe environment without the general public.  


RNA Chief Executive Brendan Christou stated that while the show can’t go on, some of the Royal Queensland Show competitions are still being judged without the attendance of patrons.  


“This is great news for some of our competitors and exhibitors who have spent days, weeks and months preparing their entries,” Mr Christou said.  


“The Arts and Cookery Competition presented by Spotlight is the RNA’s largest competition attracting around 3,500 entries this year. More than 85 percent of entries in this competition will still be judged.” 


Some of the competitions have already been judged including photography, cake decorating, creative art and craft and cookery.The Prime Beef Competition was also judged offsite at Silverdale Saleyards.  


More judging is also currently planned to takeplace over the coming daysincluding painting and drawing, sculpture, creative art and craft and at a later stage including Cookery (non-perishables), natural fibres make and model, Apiculture, school garden comps, Led Steer and Wool.  


While it is stilluncertainif any of the competitions or events will be available for the public to watch online, Place Estate Agents wish all the best to those involved! To keep up to date with more 2021 Ekka news, check out the official Ekka website.



At the end of the day, the Ekka is about all about supporting Queenslanders and bringing the country and city together for a true celebration of agriculture. 


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