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Queenslander Interior Design Tips

Friday August 31, 2018 ● By Emma Atkin // Place Bulimba


In need of interior design advice for your Queenslander?

Sally Walvin from Creating Style specialises in interior design for beloved Queenslander properties, with a goal of retaining their unique character.

We all love Queenslander french doors, pendant lighting and traditional kitchens, however owning a traditional Queenslander home comes with a considerable amount of responsibility. The character homes come with a unique charm incomparable to any other form of architecture, and its important that the interior design and furnishing gives the property its due justice.

In this video, Sally shares her advice for furnishing your Queenslander home.

Make the most of their exposed verandahs, elevated breezy positioning, and multiple liveable areas.

Sally recommends embracing the effortless simplicity of Queenslander homes, with graceful and elegant interiors. This can be anything from understated colour schemes allowing the property speak for itself, to adding luxurious upholstered window seats.

She also suggests making the most of the high ceilings, by adding floor to ceiling bookshelves and ceiling fans. 

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