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Is Your Hot Water Not Working?

Tuesday June 5, 2018 ● By Georgina Auton // Place Graceville


Adam Harnett has been a plumber for over 22 years and he’s seen his fair share of plumbing issues.

One thing that often arises in tenanted properties is empty hot water systems.

Today, Adam’s going to give us some tips on common issues that occur and what to do if your hot water isn’t working.

For Electric Systems, watch the first half of the video. For Gas Systems, skip to 1 minute in.

Gas or Electric

The way you deal with your hot water system will depend on if you’ve got gas or electric.

But both systems will share certain features like the:

Isolation Valve

This valve will isolate the hot water to your house.

You can turn this off...if you only want cold water!

Cold-Expansion Valve

This valve is designed to release pressure caused by hot water expansion and will remove cold water.

Temperature Relief Valve

This one is really important. Did you know that sometimes you may have to refill your hot water system?

You can lift the handle on the temperature relief valve to fill the system up if it’s empty.

This valve will also let water out when unit is heating.

On an electrical system, if the valve is hot, it indicates a problem with the tempering valve and you’ll likely need a plumber to fix it.

If the valve is cold though, it’ll indicate a problem with the electrical system and it’s best to call an electrician.

To Light a Gas System

If you’ve got no water, it’s likely because there’s no gas to the unit.

The best way to do this is to check to see if the pilot flame is lit, but if it’s not - don’t worry - it’s easy to relight it!

Turn the dial on the system (remember, every system is different) to “off”. Then, turn it to “spark” and hold it down for about 15-seconds.

While holding the dial down, press the ignition button a few times until the pilot flame is lit.

Then, keep holding the dial for about 10 to 15 seconds to make sure it stays alight. You should now have hot water!


Remember, if you ever have any issues that you’re not sure about, it’s always best to call a professional rather than placing yourself or your unit in danger!