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Why Kenmore is a Hub for Small Business

Monday July 9, 2018 ● By Georgina Auton // Place Graceville

From independent restaurants to niche gift stores, Kenmore has two main shopping hubs and plenty of small business activity.

Dr Christian Rowan, State Member for Moggill, is local to the western suburbs and emphasises the importances of small businesses in the area.

“Owned and operated businesses are an important part of the economy in the western suburbs of Brisbane,” Dr Rowan says.

Not only do small businesses rely on locals to survive, but they also help to create thriving economies by creating more job opportunities. With many local high schools in and around Kenmore, local businesses also often provide young people the opportunity to gain first-time employment.

DJI_0013Image: Georgina Auton

Dr Rowan says that many people understand that when they shop local, they’re supporting the local people and economy.

While many arcades and shopping spots across Brisbane may seem to be struggling to entice new businesses, the busy shopping hubs of Kenmore don’t seem to have the same issue.

“There’s always been a good number of businesses there and there are new ones coming all the time,” Dr Rowan says.

While some businesses are institutions which have been in the area for many years, like China View, a Chinese restaurant which has been in the same spot for over 14 years, many new businesses have also moved to the area.

“Many people understand that shopping locally keeps these businesses going. Keeping these businesses alive is good for job creation, and particularly for young people getting a chance of employment - whether that’s part-time while they’re doing their studies or full-time employment,” Dr Rowan says.

fabian-blank-78639-unsplashImage: Fabian Blank

“In our area there is a great sense of community spirit and community engagement which is demonstrated through this support. It’s great.”

Not only do you have Woolworths, Coles and Aldi, but you’ve also got the local and independently owned and operated fruit shops, butchers and bakers.

“I think for all local residents, being able to have local shops that provide a range of services and products is good,” Dr Rowan says.

“Whether that’s people wanting to dine or eat out or do their local food shopping, or to purchase other things, being able to do that locally just instills a good sense of community and vibrancy within a particular area.”

Kenmore locals are lucky to live in such a close-knit suburb, and it truly shows that small businesses can thrive if they have the support of an amazing community.

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Cover Image: Anurag Arora