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How to Prepare a House For Sale

Thursday October 25, 2018 ● By Laura Sinclair // Place Graceville


Place Graceville agent, Paris Arthur was recently tasked with the challenge of selling a house which had already hit the market twice and had not sold. At 6 York Close, Oxley, Paris applied a different strategy to prepare the house for sale and successfully sold the home. 

After some added presale preparation around the home, the property was maximised to its full potential. The house sold for an extra $70,000 within 21 days. 

Paris’s approach to successfully sell the home was to allow the buyer to purchase a home without a to do list.

After spending $25,000 on preparing the house for sale, the seller made a profit of almost $50,000 on their property.

Here are Paris’s four tips which can help you maximise the value of your property when you are preparing your house for sale: 


Staging a property creates emotional appeal and a desire to want to live in the home. Staging refers to a method of decorating that is used to prepare a house for sale, which aims to help potential buyers picture how the house looks with furniture. It is designed to impress buyers and sell it quickly for the maximum price possible.

Only three rooms in the house were staged: the dining room, the lounge room and the main bedroom. Paris believes that even just staging three rooms allowed potential buyers to see themselves living in the property. It made them easy to say yes to purchasing the home.


Fresh Paint Job

If a house’s paint job is looking tired and outdated, would you buy it? 

Refreshing the paint is an opportunity to modernise the house and reduce the tasks the seller will have to undertake. 

Fresh paint jobs will make the house “pop” against its surroundings, increasing the value of the property. 

Every 10 to 15 years, a house needs to be painted. If a buyer knows their next coat of paint is not due for another 10 years, it creates appeal to live there, as they know there is less chores for them to do. 

Professional Cleaning

Although opting for a D.I.Y. clean instead of a professional one may be a seller’s way of saving money, it is vital step in appealing to buyers and often has a great return on investment. A professional clean will ensure everything is spotless, from the walls to the floors, and even the kitchen sink!

No one wants to imagine themselves living somewhere with a grubby carpet, and even though it might not bother you a greasy stove top could put off a potential buyer who loves to cook.

A professional clean will instil buyers with confidence that the house has been immaculately looked after and save the seller the hard work.

Revamp the Gardens 

One of the biggest factors people consider when buying a home is street appeal, as buyer’s want to feel good about their house from the moment they arrive.

Revamping a properties gardens when preparing your house for sale will make it look sharper, and more presentable, in turn people will pay more for the property.

Pay attention to current trends, as a recent study by the University of Western Australia found that a broad-leafed tree in front of a home increases the median property price by around $17,000. 

An investment in landscaping can reap great rewards. preparing_house_for_sale_fresh_paint

When Paris reflects on his presale campaign strategy for 6 York Close, Oxley, he believes the few extra preparation steps made all the difference and made the property more appealing to buyers. 

With a tight budget, the seller was hesitant to spend extra money to prepare the house for sale, however, the money spent tripled in value.

“We took the to do list away from the buyer and we made it very easy for them to say yes.”

“Everybody wins here. For the buyer, they could buy a house where they could move straight in. For the seller, it maximised the full potential of the value of their property,” said Paris.

If you are thinking about heading to the market soon, or your house is currently on the market and not getting the traction you’re chasing, then get in contact with Paris Arthur at Place Graceville for a chat.