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How to Ensure a Successful Rental Application in Brisbane

Wednesday December 5, 2018 ● By Emma Atkin // Place Bulimba

laptop coffee notepad mobile phone for filling out a rental application

Navigating your way through thrental application process can be tricky. Brisbane’s rental market is going from strength to strength, and the December/January period is renowned as being the most competitive time of the year to secure a rental property. To take some of the stress away, we’ve provided some advice to guide you through every step of the rental journey.  

First impressions 

As they say, you only get one first impression. Start on a strong foot by being on time to the initial inspection and be presentable. Don’t set yourself up for rejection by being perceived as unreliable before you even get through the front door.  

The inspection process 

It’s great to ask questions when viewing the property, as long as you’re reasonable and pleasant in doing so. Your attitude is extremely important in portraying the kind of tenant you will be.  

Think of the inspection as an opportunity to build a relationship with the agent, so they’ll see you as someone they’d be happy to work with.  

Decided that you love the property?  

Get your rental application in as soon as possible to increase your chances of being approved. 

Prove that you can pay rent by attaching all relevant documentation such as pay slips, bank statements or an employment contract. We recommend having them all on hand, just in case the agent asks for further proof of income. 

Keep your rental application as simple as possible. We always recommend writing a cover letter to explain your situation and provide some background into what led you to apply for the property, and why you’d be a great tenant.  


Finally, have your references ready and make sure they’re aware to be expecting a call regarding your application. They really can make all the difference in defining you as a tenant. Think of reliable, professional people who will only have great things to say. 

Place Bulimba’s rentals and property management team aim to make what can be a somewhat stressful process, seamless. If you’ve found our advice helpful and want to hear more or check out our current available rental properties, head to the Place Bulimba rentals page here.