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How to Create the Perfect Work-From-Home Space

Tuesday January 12, 2021 ● By Emily Russ // Place Estate Agents

Brought on by the recent lockdowns and the desire for a better work-life balance, remote working is seriously on the rise in 2021. With that, more people are seeking ways to create welcoming workspaces in their abodes that they don’t just tolerate, but love! Inspired? Here are four basic steps to get you started… 

Think how the space will work with the rest of your home

Take the time to consider exactly how you want to work from home. Need a private space for answering non-stop calls? Find somewhere quiet and separate from your abode’s main thoroughfares, like a guest room, a converted sunroom or a dedicated study. Wanting to keep an eye on children or have Netflix on in the background? Set up a designated area in a rumpus room or living area that offers just the right amount of connection.  

Some modern homes even feature ‘study nooks’ in hallways or stairwells that help utilise otherwise unused space. There’s also been in a growing trend in building properties with ‘transitional spaces’ that can easily be opened or shut from the rest of the residence. It’s all about finding what works for you. 

Lighting is VERY important

A simple but crucial element to creating a space you actually want to work in is its lighting – who wants to spend most of their day in a gloomy dungeon? Many studies convey how lighting can affect your mood and level of productivity, such as how dim lighting can cause unnecessary strain on your eyes thus causing headaches and eye issues. 

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If you can, set up your work station somewhere with great natural light. Whether you’re lucky to have skylights in your abode or you sit near a window, seek out an airy space that doesn’t feel totally cramped. Working on a laptop? Switch things up and give thought to using your deck, patio or balcony as a remote office if possible. Get that sweet vitamin D, even if for an hour each day. 

Manage your clutter

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re surrounded by trinkets and stacks of documents. If you do one thing, find storage solutions that suit your needs and, if required, keep a list of where everything can be found.  

You don’t need to splash out on floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Go through old cupboards or built-in robes to see if you can clear some space, or stack large storage containers that have been labelled (i.e. reference files and tech accessories). Don’t be afraid to channel your inner Marie Kondo!

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Add decorative elements and greenery 

Much like natural light, bringing in a few decorative elements can help make your WFH office feel all the more inviting. It’s all about showcasing a little personality…  

A classic idea? Hang artwork that you like (kidults, a framed movie poster can also work wonders). If you have the space, add an armchair teamed with pillows in eye-catching patterns or shades. And let nature into your home by including greenery. A potted succulent on your study nook’s desk, a fiddle leaf fig in the corner, hanging baskets filled with monstera palms – whichever you go for, you’ll enjoy better air quality and an attractive setting.   

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