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Exterior design trends to watch for in 2022

Monday January 3, 2022 ● By Emily Russ // Place Estate Agents

Exterior Design Trends

New year, new… yard! In 2022, it’s not just interior design that’s getting trend forecasters excited. Whether you’re building your brand-new dream home or looking to reimagine your property’s outdoor area, we’ve gathered a collection of phenomenal exterior design trend ideas to get you started!


Embrace entangled design 

Here in Queensland, we’re big fans of indoor-outdoor living and it seems the idea is becoming all the more popular in 2022. Allowing you to enjoy an open layout that seamlessly blends with the outdoors, ‘entangled design’ blurs the lines between a home’s interior and exterior. Irregular edges complemented by landscaped gardens help the two join together and create an ‘organic’ look that designers are loving right now.  

Architects are also seeking ways to make our outdoor spaces more functional, incorporating ‘outdoor rooms’ that lend themselves to study, relaxation and entertaining. It gets a big thumbs up from us!  


Experiment with colour accents 

Bringing a classic favourite into the new year, the ‘colour accent’ trend is as timelessly elegant as it is eye-catching. Moving away from the ‘all white’ look that has dominated trend forecasts over the past few years, homeowners and designers alike are going bold by highlighting certain design details with punchy hues.  

For a touch of traditional charm, opt for white accents against a dark façade. Or, freshen things up by adding calming green or blush pink details to a white exterior. A look that’s really making it big at the moment, a chic monochromatic colour palette of black and white tones evokes a sense of timeless sophistication.  


Curve appeal  

A major trend for both the indoors and outdoors, curves are being showcased in façade feature walls, built-in bench seating and garden retaining walls. This look is predicted to dominate this year! 

Youthful and contemporary, the curve trend can reference back to the famed Palm Springs aesthetic of the early 1960s – think palm trees, fringed umbrellas and rattan furniture. You can also take inspiration from dreamy Mediterranean destinations and bring to life a ‘holiday’ feel at home.  


Get serious about sustainability  

Driven by the desire to be environmentally conscious and to keep maintenance costs low, homeowners and designers are investing in sustainable materials even more in 2022.  

If building new, look into using natural construction elements such as brick and stone. Repurposed or recycled materials will also be your friend, while a thoughtful layout that maximises airflow and natural light will help keep electricity bills to a minimum.  


Maximise with multiple window banks 

Both an exterior and interior trend of sorts, adding multiple window banks is on the rise. A fantastic way to help bring the outdoors in, this idea is all about encouraging natural light and refreshing breezes to flow throughout a property.  

In the new year, it seems we’ll be going beyond the central living area and adding walls of glass across the home. Kitchens are in the spotlight, while less-considered spaces such as hallways and breakfast nooks are also getting some attention.  


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