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How to Style a Character Home

Monday August 13, 2018 ● By Chelsea Keim // Place Coorparoo


Coorparoo is a suburb filled with Queenslanders and post war character homes. Styling these type of houses can be a different process to styling the classic modern home.

When it comes to the selling process, ensuring your home is in tip-top shape and looking its best for open homes is an important factor to consider.

Potential buyers need to feel a certain emotion towards the home, which can be achieved through styling.

When it comes to styling character homes, blending the old with the new is key.

We sat down with Interior Stylist and Owner of Look Home Staging, Heidi Fenton-Smith, to find out her top three tips on styling character homes.



Tip 1: A classic sofa

The furniture in a character home should tie in nicely with the style of the house itself.

For example, when styling your living room, Heidi recommends using a classic style sofa as the centerpiece of the space.

“It’s important to have a classic style sofa in keeping with the style of the house,” says Heidi.

In this case she styled the space with a sofa that has a rounded arm with some beautiful stud work to tie in with the style of the home.

Tip 2: A sophisticated lamp

Incorporating the right decor items when styling a character home is key to creating the overall look.

“Adding a beautiful classic style lamp or two to your character home adds sophistication to the space,” says Heidi.

Lamps are a great way to add flare to your space and also create a mood during open homes.

Tip 3: Colour Scheme

As your styling any type of property it’s important to consider the entire space.

Colour scheme is an important element to think about when you’re styling character homes.

“With colour we have used a mix of blacks and neutrals in this particular character home. We have brought these colours in through the cushions, lamp shades, artworks and the small detailed accessories that tie everything together,” says Heidi.

Using the right colour scheme will contribute enormously to the overall look and feel of the home.