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Colour trends revitalising our homes in 2021

Tuesday October 19, 2021 ● By Emily Russ // Place Estate Agents

Calming Colour Trends 2021, living room

Whether you’re updating your home, starting fresh with a new build or you simply enjoy scrolling through interior designers' Instagram profiles (we’re certainly guilty of that), chances are you’ve noticed a few distinct colour palettes that are beginning to emerge. Looking for ideas for your abode? Add these trends to your must-watch list…  


Blush pink and dusty blue 

Taking its style cues from the much-loved Scandinavian and mid-century modern aesthetics, this trend is transforming utilitarian spaces like bathrooms and laundries into pastel-hued havens. “Nude concrete and blush pink and blue in the bathroom is popular,” says Australian Trend Forecast founder Kim Chadwick. Kmart Head of Design, Forecast and Product Technology Anne-Marie Bodal explains that there is an emotional connection with this softer colour palette. “Dusty blue is about security and safety,” she says. “Blue is a great colour that makes you focus – it makes your mind feel clear.” 

Opt for: Metallic accents and unique tiles that create eye-catching patterns  


Terracotta and olive green 

It's only natural (pun intended) that our stints in lockdown have had us dreaming of escaping to the great outdoors. Driven by this, colour palettes featuring terracotta and olive green are inviting us to bring the outdoors into our homes in a beautiful and effective way. “Terracotta reflects clay and the colour of the earth, and we love bringing greens inside, especially if you’re in a house that doesn’t have good access to the outdoors,” says Bodal.  

Opt for: Keep the base palette clean with neutral or white tones and fill the space with plenty of natural greenery. For pops of terracotta, look for armchairs, lamps, artworks or patterned rugs in this shade.   


Soft grey and lemon yellow 

Just call us mellow yellow because we’re loving this trend. Named Pantone’s colour combination for the year, soft grey and yellow is a sophisticated pairing that instantly evokes a sense of happiness and optimism. “The selection of two independent colours highlight how different elements come together to express a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting,” says Pantone Colour Institute Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman. From bold feature walls to lemon-toned décor pieces, this trend is all about creating a space that feels like a welcoming sanctuary.  

Opt for: Layer textures such as cosy throw blankets, rugs and cushions. Also, seek out bright accent furniture or décor pieces to elevate the look.



Chocolate brown and sage green 

Another ‘earthy’ look that’s big at the moment, a warm colour palette of chocolate brown and sage green is apparently inspired by our need to reconnect with Mother Earth. “We are hoping she will rescue us, ground us and honour keeping us alive,” says Chadwick. “These colours are reassuring and reminiscent of forest bathing, which is another huge trend.” Interior design fans will recognise these calming shades as part of The Dulux 2022 colour forecast’s ‘Restore’ palette, which includes forest greens, rich browns and warm neutrals.   

Opt for: Pair these shades with natural textures and fibres, as well as layered textiles. Eye-catching ‘tactile’ artworks, stone decorative pieces and curved ‘chunky’ furnishings really bring the trend to life.  

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