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Brisbane’s All Star Real Estate Auction

Friday August 31, 2018 ● By Emma Atkin // Place Bulimba


Spring is around the corner, bringing with it a bounty of potential for those looking to both buy and sell real estate at auction.

With a new season comes new opportunity, and what better way to welcome such an active time of year than with a red carpet event.

Place Bulimba’s All Star auction is expecting to see over 20 million dollars in property exchange hands in a single evening, all from the very front steps of their Oxford Street office.

The traditional spring season is widely regarded as a promising time of year for real estate, with the last five years seeing spring as the most active period for townhouses, apartment and house sales overall.

As for past Brisbane auction results?

CoreLogic RP data shows that auction clearance rates trend sharply upwards every Spring, with 2017 being no exception.

Spring brings an abundance of supply and demand in the Australian property market, with more listings and more properties sold than any other season, generating significant auction results.

But why is spring such an appealing time for real estate auctions?

Place Bulimba Principal and Managing Director, Paul Curtain explains. “The volume of properties for auction declines in the period between winter and October. With the arrival of spring, we saw a captive window of 4-5 weeks which presented a great opportunity to hold meaningful campaigns for our clients.”

Whether you’re looking to snap up an investment prospect, or simply looking for the perfect forever home, there’s a multitude of real estate auction opportunities on offer at Place Bulimba’s All Star auction.

Head to our auctions page and search some of the properties that will feature at our All Star auction at Place Bulimba on September 20th from 6:30pm.