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[VIDEO] Graceville | Green Thumbs Unite! Check Out This Garden!

Friday August 11, 2017 ● By Georgina Auton // Place Graceville


Author // Georgina Auton, Place Graceville

How often do you drive past Graceville State School or take your kids to the dog park down the end of Waratah Avenue?

Maybe you’ve spotted some garden beds and, as of three months ago, a large sign reading “Graceville Community Garden”.

You can’t miss it!

The Graceville Community Garden was first brought to light in 2009 and came to fruition in 2010 after 12 months of hard work.

Head gardener and volunteer, Paul Grace, says he loves that it teaches people about growing food while getting outdoors, relaxing and doing some exercise all at once.

“I love getting out in the garden,” Paul says.

“It offers all the components to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

Community gardens are usually set up in one of two ways.

“You can have the communal idea of all working together and harvest the plants on the particular day you work and then take a share as you walk out and go home,” Paul says.

“Or more commonly, we can rent you a plot for say $50 per year where you come at your own time during the week and do your own thing.”

“We went with the communal idea of everyone working together and so far, it’s working very well.”

We chat with Paul about this awesome community project - we can’t wait to see what’s next!!

If you’d like to get involved or donate to the project, head to Graceville Community Garden on Facebook or http://www.gracevillecommunitygarden.org.au