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4075 | 5 Tips for Decorating a Small Room

Thursday January 18, 2018 ● By Georgina Auton // Place Graceville

Author // Georgina Auton, Place Graceville

Whether it’s your first apartment or a small living room, it’s nice to make a space feel homely.

That means warmth, character and personalisation!

But how?

If you’ve run out of ideas and need some things to decorate a small space, then listen up!

We asked Rachel Scott from Rachel Elizabeth Interiors to give us some tips!

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Rachel says mirrors can be used in lots of different ways to make a room feel bigger.

“Whether you lean a large mirror against the wall, or attach multiple, small, circular ones to the walls in a pattern, it’s an easy way to spruce up a room,” Rachel says.

They also have the added bonus of making the room look brighter through light reflections.

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Paintings or Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be a great way to decorate a feature wall; designs have come along way since the 80s!

But it can have the not-so-positive effect of making a room feel smaller.

“We would recommend opting for larger patterns rather than intricate or dark designs,” Rachel says.

If wallpaper is a no-go, then opt for a painting a feature wall to provide a bit of personality.

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“When examining a room, as yourself what kind of lighting the room has currently,” Rachel says.

“More and more houses are being built with high ceilings, which makes for the perfect opportunity to add a feature light.”

Forget downlights, why not add a chandelier? Or if that’s too big, add something modern and funky that speaks to you!

There’s also plenty of opportunities to add awesome lamps on desks or tea lights in jars (although be careful if you’re using real candles).

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If your room is small, you’re not going to go for a Fiddle Leaf Fig (quite a large indoor plant).

Instead, you can opt for smaller plants like the peace lily or if the room has great natural light, maybe even some succulents, cacti or lucky bamboo.

“Plants can be used to perch on windowsills or desks, or even in a small pot in the corner,” Rachel says.

The only tough part (for some of us) is you have to keep them alive! That’s what plastic ones are for - right?

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Rugs and throws are cheap and easy ways to decorate when you’ve run out of space for furniture.

Why not add a shag-pile or a woven carpet?

“You can even layer them if you like,” Rachel says, rugs are particularly great if you have wooden floors or tiles, as it also provides another texture to the room.


How have you decorated your small rooms in the past? Let us know in the comments!