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Makings of Fine Kitchens & Bathrooms | Creating the Perfect Kitchen

Friday June 23, 2017 ● By Georgina Auton // Place Graceville


Author // Georgina Auton, Place Graceville

Sherwood local, Shaun Makings, sure has the right surname to be in the business of making people’s dreams come true.

He creates one-of-a-kind kitchens and bathrooms with his team of six at Makings of Fine Kitchens & Bathrooms in Yeerongpilly.

They began in 2001 and from there they’ve seen only success.

Shaun said that he enjoyed manual arts at school and decided that he wanted to continue into a field that allowed him to plan and create.

He became a cabinetmaker and said that he loves creating beautiful, functional spaces for their customers.

Shaun chatted to us about why you should consider renovating your kitchen.

 Before... | Photo: Makings of Fine Kitchens & Bathrooms Before... | Photo: Makings of Fine Kitchens & Bathrooms

Would you say that a kitchen is the heart of a home?

Kitchens set the tone for the entire house.  

It’s the the central point for the family, as family’s cook and eat in it, friends mingle over a coffee, and kids do their homework at the kitchen bench.

It plays such a pivotal role in entertaining with family and friends.  

The kitchen is no longer a room where cooking is restricted to but a place for the family to enjoy

Why should someone consider renovating their kitchen?  

Renovating your kitchen improves your lifestyle and increases the  value of your home.  

Foremostly though, it allows families to enjoy living in their home, as the kitchen is the central hub for the family.  

Families no longer just cook in their kitchen, they live in their kitchen.

Open plan spaces incorporating the kitchen and entertainment areas, including dining areas are the norm.  

This style of kitchen is influencing the way families are living and most want a harmonious space for family activity.

 Digital model of kitchen | Photo: Makings of Fine Kitchens & Bathrooms Digital model of kitchen | Photo: Makings of Fine Kitchens & Bathrooms

What’s the easiest “quick fix” to revamp a kitchen?   

People invest a lot in kitchen renovations because it’s the most important room when it comes to the resale value of their home.

By replacing the benchtop, drawers , door fronts, handles and tapware, you can easily make your kitchen look more modern or elegant.

A well-designed kitchen should also be one that promotes a productive work environment and is not cluttered or crammed.  

What trends have you seen in the last few years with regards to kitchens?  

In the recent years, people want bigger and open-plan living kitchens with stone benchtops  and ample storage solutions.

They want lots of  drawers as opposed to cupboards and shelving.   

More recently there has been a trend towards Hampton Style kitchens which we happen to specialise in!

 After... | Photo: Makings of Fine Kitchens and Bathrooms After... | Photo: Makings of Fine Kitchens and Bathrooms

If someone doesn’t know what they want, how do you help them to find inspiration?  

First off, we talk to them and identify what their ideal outcome is.

We provide advice on styles, images, materials and if their ideas will suit the style of the home.  

We also assist with selections including appliances, finishes, fittings and lighting to help them to create the perfect space.

What’s your favourite kitchen renovation that you’ve done?  

We did a major kitchen renovation to a Queenslander.  

The existing kitchen was closed in.

It was dark and lacked soul.  

The renovation included gutting the room, removing internal walls, and relocating services.

In the end, we created a large, open, living area incorporating a family room and a large Hampton-Style kitchen with a central island bench for meals.

We opened the room to the deck with large french doors, which created a more open and functional space leading to  the verandah -  ideal for entertaining!