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[VIDEO] Bulimba | A True Love Story of 55 Years

Friday October 13, 2017 ● By Shannon Edwards // Place Bulimba


By Shannon Edwards // Place Bulimba

#humansofbrisbane Brian Daly on Spending 55 years in Bulimba

This local first came to Bulimba with the army back in 1962.

“As soon as I saw Bulimba, I knew I wanted to live here. When I left the army I bought my first home on Bulimba street,” says Brian Daly.

Brian shares stories of raising their three children in the family friendly suburb.

“Our kids went to the local primary school then onto the nearby high schools. We met so many people through our children's schooling that we’re still friends with today,” says Brian.

Having known the area for 55 years, Brian knows lots of hidden gems and shares one of his favourites… check it out!