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Ready, set, go. Let's kick some goals in 2022!

Tuesday February 1, 2022 ● By Daisy Hicks // Place Estate Agents

At Place, we love a good goal setting session. Although COVID has kept us on our toes for the last two years, you shouldn't be letting it stop you setting and achieving your goals. So, where should you start?


Why set goals?

Goal-setting is an extremely effective strategy that motivates you to accomplish the things that matter to you. When you identify and set clear goals, your mind begins to subconsciously make decisions and seek opportunities that will help you achieve them!


So - where do you start?

The best place to start is your values - what matters most to you and what makes you happy? This allows you to reflect on your current life position and outline the goals you would like to achieve, whether it relates to career, wellbeing, money or relationships. 

While it's important to set goals and work towards them, don't forget to also embrace the benefits of living in the moment and enjoying the journey. Write out a list of things that make you happy, no matter how big or small and make sure to always make time in your day for these!


Let's set some goals. 

We've all heard it before; your goals need to be SMART. This is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Based. Doing this means your goals are clear and reachable for this specific period of your life.

If you're in a Sales Role and are looking at implementing work related goals, here's our favourite method.

Take your prior performing year and add some, at least 10%. Then, think about who will help you get there and what additional resources you might need. Add a date you want to achieve it by and you've got yourself a smart goal!

If you're just starting in the industry or working in an administrative role, find metrics that directly reflect your input, this could look like client reviews, launch timeframes, booking appointments, getting your email inbox empty each day or implementing a betterment project over the year. Then break these goals down into bite sized chunks that you can knock over bit-by-bit feeling rewarded as you go.

When it comes to your goals, don't let the COVID uncertainty stop you from thinking BIG!



You know what they say, nothing good comes easy! While that doesn't have to set the tone for your goal setting, it's important to acknowledge that you may face some hiccups along the way. Mindset is important here, think of them as a stepping stone, not a roadblock. 

While you're writing your goals, try to think about what challenges you might face while reaching the goal, write them down and also how you might overcome them. That way, you won't be thrown off if you do face the certain challenge.

If you need to resort to this at some point, you've got a clear pathway, if not, you've just practiced some high level thinking and problem solving.

There might be times where you find yourself needing to adapt your goals and the steps you need to take to reach them. Just remember to stay focused on your why. Why did you set these goals in the first place? This will keep you motivated and inspired even when challenges arise. 


Make time for regular reviews

Once you know what you want to achieve, stay accountable and check-in with yourself at the end of every month to review what is and isn't working. Then, take some time in the middle and at the end of every year to reflect on your progress and journey to date and outline any opportunities to improve. 

If you want to take it up a notch, get an accountability buddy. This could mean anything from sharing your goals with your direct manager, or having a mentor to guide you in the right direction. 

Make 2022 your best year yet!

Never forget to be proud of what you have achieved! One of our favourite things to do is to keep a 'win book' to keep track of your success - whether it's recognition from a colleague, securing an appointment or reaching a milestone, celebrate all the wins! If you're ever feeling down, revert back to your win book to remind yourself of how far you have come. 

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