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Are You Communicating Effectively As A Property Manager?

Saturday September 1, 2018 ● By Shannon Edwards // Place Estate Agents

Whether you’re meeting a new client or resolving an issue, effective and clear communication is a fundamental skill to obtain as a property manager.

With a wealth of industry experience, Director of Property Management, Cathie Crampton, shares the importance clear communication plays in the success of this career.

“The premise of communication is having a conversation, however, when some people are talking they’re only hearing what they’re saying rather than listening to alternate perspectives,” shares Cathie.

Cathie gives her advice on things to avoid and how to communicate effectively in the property management career.

What communication mistakes do you regularly see in property management?

“One of the biggest faults in communication is when someone talks but the other person isn’t listening.” Cathie says.

For example, in property management, you may be trying to resolve a particular issue, and the property manager may sit there and say ‘I told the client X,Y,Z’ however, there may be times where the client has simply misunderstood this information.

This kind of miscommunication is common in property management, which makes it crucial to thoroughly understand how clients interpret conversations.

How do we avoid miscommunication?

“It’s really important to develop techniques of affirmation and confirming what you’ve said is what the client understands. This is called solution-based communication. One of the first things to do is develop a technique to ensure the client has understood and agrees with what you’re saying.” Cathie tells us.

You could say something along the lines of; “client, these are the actions we have taken. Is that something you feel is of value?” or, “the market suggests your property is worth X to rent, what is your understanding of the market? Do you agree with this?” to properly communicate with clarity.

“It’s important to ensure you’re identifying the problem you confirm you’re on the same page as your client.  Reaffirming “my understanding of the problem is X, is that your understanding?’ is a great place to start.” Cathie says.

Why is communication important in this career?

Effective communication is about constantly asking important questions and taking the emotion out of what’s being communicated. It’s important to break every conversation down to the core problem or opportunity you’re facing.

“It’s about asking questions and reaffirming what you’re saying to ensure everyone is on the same page and has an equal understanding.” Cathie advises.

If a client starts to feel they’re not being heard, this may damage the business relationship and result in loss of business. Nail the art of communication with a client, and you’re deemed to be of value. If the client feels heard and understood, then you’ll be adding value to the relationship, ensuring great property management communication.

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