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Productivity tips from the Place HQ team

Wednesday February 9, 2022 ● By Grace Holgate // Place Estate Agents

Productivity tips and tricks

Going through periods of time when you're struggling with productivity is only human nature and is something that is dependent on your schedule, your mindset and how you're feeling on any given day.


While your productivity levels may vary throughout the day or during different times of your life, it's important to recognise when you're not being as productive as you should be and to work on strategies to boost your productivity. 

We recently spoke to some members of the Place HQ team who shared their top productivity tips and tricks to keep you on-task and motivated throughout your day! 


Nadine Burt, Human Resources Coordinator

Something that keeps me motivated at work is writing a to-do list – which I like to revisit at the start and end of each day. This helps to plan out the day (especially when so many extra tasks pop up during the day) and keeps me accountable!


Amy Wolter, Head of People

Set yourself Work Zones (red = emails and worky work,  blue = operational like meetings and calls and black = future work, innovations and projects). When I'm in my black zone, I turn off all notifications and turn my email to work offline. 

When I need to knuckle down, I also need focus music. My favourite musicians are a distraction for me on the days that I want to achieve something!



Daisy Hicks, Marketing Coordinator

My #1 productivity hack is to eat the frog! The frog is that one thing that you have on your to-do list that you aren’t super motivated to do and are most likely to procrastinate on… we all have them! Eating the frog means to just get it done first! Once it’s done, not only will you feel accomplished but the rest of the day will be easier to tackle. I find this is especially useful if you are someone who functions better in the morning in general!

If you are struggling to get the job done and need to get into a focus zone, reserve a small meeting room (if it’s available to you) for yourself where there are no distractions. Put your phone on do not disturb and close your emails and other communication tools so that you can’t get sidetracked! It might sound extreme, but I guarantee it will help you with that task you really don’t feel like doing!


Tamea Ramsay, Operations Manager

Don’t underestimate an old-fashioned, handwritten to-do list. Ticking items off during the day motivates me, but also helps me to see what I have achieved which is great for a positive mindset on the days when it feels like you just don’t get anywhere, and of course, keeps me accountable for my own time management. 

Allow time in your day for reactive work, ie. the things you cannot plan for and always pop up. Finally. remember to take a break, go for a short walk, have a cup of tea or eat your lunch, it’s all important for your own well-being and will help you get through those big days! 


Mahesh Ghimire, Assistant Accountant and Accounts Payable

Do something that fills your cup in the morning before you go to work! Whether it’s going for a walk, a run or sitting down to enjoy your morning coffee, do something that makes you feel good before you start your day.


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