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Working in a Team at Place

Saturday June 30, 2018 ● By Shannon Edwards // Place Estate Agents

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Behind a lead agent is usually a team of industry professionals who make sure the sales process is smooth, the marketing quality is high and customer service is second-to-none.

From sales associates to agent support, everyone plays a crucial role in the Real Estate industry.

We spoke with the Hicks Team about the different roles and responsibilities within their team and how each of the team members add value to the overall experience.




Shane Hicks – Lead Agent

Shane, why is your team essential to your business?

I like to give our sellers and buyers a level of service and communication that exceeds their expectations and makes them feel at ease and confident about their decisions. We managed over 45 transactions last year and this would not be possible without a team that includes Michaela as our Operations Manager and Antonio as our Sales Associate.

Antonio Puopolo – Sales Associate

Antionio, how has being a part of a team benefited you?

Starting my career with a team has given me the ability to service all clients with the full support of both Shane and Michaela. Being busy from day one has taught me what it really means to be in the real estate industry. Quickly I learnt everything about tasks required ranging from servicing sellers, to attending building and pest inspections and finding the right buyer for the home. My team has been absolutely invaluable.

Michaela Peihopa – Agent Support

Michaela, with a whole list of responsibilities, how do you believe you add value to the team?

I believe I add value to the team by delivering customer service within the team across all aspects of my role. My roles and responsibilities increase our ability to deliver exceptional service outside the team - to our sellers, buyers and everyone in between. 

If you want to express your interest in upcoming roles with Place, head over to our careers page here to learn more!