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Growth + Nurture at Place

Thursday April 28, 2022 ● By Place Estate Agents

Nurturing and developing our people has always been a key priority for us - it’s one of the key reasons why we do have so many longstanding employees and high performers.

In saying that, one of our more recent business objectives has been to standardize this offering for our teams. In our years of experience, we have found that though our agents are outstanding at what they do in the real estate space, they need greater support for their business and their teams.

Enter, the growth and nurture team whose key goal is to fast-track agents' growth in sales through recruitment, retention, and innovation. 

Collectively, this team have 75 years of experience at Place, and even more in the Real Estate industry!

Paul, Amy, Matthew, and Pete take a layered approach to their work in the growth and nurture community, each bringing something different to the table that is of value to our agents.  

While Pete is driving the group sales training and Auction strategy, Amy is coaching salespeople through people management and role design and recruiting the best talent in the business. At the same time, Paul is having regular growth ‘pit-stops’ with lead agents, focussing on the transactional side of their business, with Matthew right there to manage sales teams and offices to their targets and develop better solutions with Place HQ.

Growing a business is more than just selling more homes and bringing in more team members. It requires coaching, guidance, and clarity of purpose, and that is what this team are here to do. Their work takes the pressure off our agents, so they can focus on implementing strategies and achieving outstanding results for their clients.  

We look forward to showing you some of the direct impacts this team are having on some of our agents and their teams. Stay tuned, it's truly incredible.

If you’re interested in making our Place, your Place and would like to have a confidential discussion about what a life at Place could look like for you, please get in touch