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Five reasons to follow the Place Property Career Instagram

Friday March 4, 2022 ● By Emily Russ // Place Estate Agents

In a fast-paced job market, it’s crucial to keep up-to-date with all the spectacular opportunities out there in real-time.


Driven by innovation and a desire to help Placers live their best real estate life, the fabulous Place Career & Development Team have put together a new tool for growing your career. Taking you through from day one to crushing your goals, their @PropertyCareer Instagram is a treasure-trove of helpful tips and advice. Curious? Scroll down for more…


Gain first-hand knowledge and expertise on career development

Offering many pearls of wisdom, @PropertyCareer is filled with first-hand tips and advice that will have you saying ‘I’ve got this!’. Expect insight on how to be confident at your next job interview, ways to stay on track with your goals and things Placers have learnt in their first year in their role. There’s also guidance on how to stay motivated while working from home, plus hacks for conquering a tough day. Consider the Place Career & Development Team as your knowledgeable big sis or bro – we could all use one of those!


Connect with Place recruiters and staff

To say that Place feels like one big family is a bit of an understatement; more often than not, everyone knows someone here. Allowing you to easily connect with familiar faces and make new friendly contacts, @PropertyCareer is an excellent platform for sharing information and sourcing news from those in the know.


Find out about active and upcoming opportunities

Whether you’re new to Place or you’ve been a part of the team for a while, you’ll find plenty to get inspired by. Seeking a new exciting role? Want to take the next step and progress further within the company? @PropertyCareer has you covered.




Keep up-to-date with other offices

One thing that really makes Place stand out is its sensational culture and exciting events. From training days and orientations to fundraising opportunities, the team at each office love getting together whenever they can. Whichever location you’re based at, you’ll be able to engage with what’s going on and score ideas for your own team through @PropertyCareer. For the win!


Brighten your day

@PropertyCareer is all killer, no filler. Always good for a laugh (especially the uncontrollable giggles kind), the Place Career & Development Team love to put together content that is equal parts informative and entertaining. You might also find yourself scrolling endlessly, liking all the stunning homes sold through Place and watching all the thrilling auction action. You have been warned.


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