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A Place where everyday is International Women's Day

Wednesday March 9, 2022 ● By Place HQ

We make deliberate efforts to ensure that diversity in all its forms is an organic part of our culture and coverage every day of the year, but still like to take the time to celebrate International Women's Day and all that it stands for.


This year’s International Woman's day theme #breakthebias is interesting when you consider the Real Estate Industry as being a Real Estate Agent is one of the only occupations where a 'pay gap' doesn't exist, as people are payed based on the figures they write. 
Naturally, this forms a culture where everyone is equal, and no longer is it a surprise to see women topping the sales charts or hold key leadership positions. This has also stemmed from our leadership, which has had a strong female input from Day 1 with Sarah Hackett as a Managing Director. Today, women make up 60% of our overall workforce, 50% of the leadership team, and majority of out Top 20 sales agents. 
That's not to say that other bias' do not exists, so we acknowledge that this needs to remain an on-going part of conversation in and out of the industry to help the whole.
Though we champion women everyday, IWD presents a wonderful opportunity to come together to not just celebrate, but discuss important topics.
This International Women's Day, Place chose to support RizeUp, a charity that drives awareness of family and domestic violence and create programs to support women and their children in need. Our event was MC'd by Sarah Hackett who is am ambassador for gender equality in the workplace.

Carly Rudd, an ambassador for RizeUp, brilliant writer, designer and marketer, spoke, telling her personal story. 

Though shocking at times, Carly's story was moving and thought-provoking and highlighted the important work that charities like RizeUp do. 

Importantly, Carly reminded us that conversations you have at all-female or IWD events need to carry into day to day life to keep the momentum going. That is what will ultimately allow change to happen. 

We also heard from one of our Agents, Cathy Richards, who shared her story of resilience. From starting Real Estate as a divorced mother-of-three looking for a way to provide for her children to where she is now 15 years later, happily married, successful in her own right and with three children all leaders at what they do around the globe. 

Cathy's story is an example that women can do anything they put their mind to and encourage others in the process!

Events like this ultimately encourage us all to reflect and consider whether we are demonstrating bias at work and in life. 

Today and everyday we celebrate our women, we wouldn't be the organisation we are without it! 

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