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Why is it Harder to Sell a Home without Property Styling?

Friday April 26, 2019 ● By Laura Sinclair // Place Graceville


Did you know that styling your property can add up to 10% more value1 to your home?

Property styling is the act of making your unfurnished house appear lived in to entice buyers to purchase your property. The goal is to make the buyer feel at home when they tour your house. However, property styling is about more than just furniture. It’s the extra touches which entice buyers such as the strand of pearls in the bedroom or the flowers in the living room.

There’s often a misconception about property styling that it’s not worth the money, however, the goal of property styling is to sell your house for more. As a whole property styling aims to make the property as appealing as possible to as many buyers as possible, creating more competition which raises the sale price and reduces the sale time.

Brad Robson of Place Graceville shared the 4 reasons he believes it’s harder to sell a house if it hasn’t been staged.staging 22 Harte St, Chelmer living room

1. Empty Rooms

Walking through empty rooms makes it difficult to build an emotional connection between the buyer and the home.

Rather than potential buyers just seeing an empty shell, property styling brings personality into the home allowing buyers to envision hosting events on their deck or their kids playing in their bedrooms.

If people develop a connection with your property, they’re likely to put a higher offer on the home.

2. Reference Point

When you’re dealing with an unfurnished space, a potential buyer has no idea what they can fit in it. Property styling allows people to visual the space and how they could best utilise it. 

Many people struggle to visualise space and depth, by adding furniture it shows the buyer how big the spaces are. For example, it gives them an idea of how their bed will fit in the bedroom or how many people can be seated comfortably in the dining room. Space is hard to judge when there’s no furniture in the house. Property styling maximises the space whilst still adding character to the home. 22 Harte St, Chelmer Bedroom staging

3. Negative Details

An empty space can make buyers focus on the negative details of the room instead of falling in love with the overall space.

A well-placed rug may help you hide a slightly scuffed floorboard, while a couch will help draw attention away from the mark on the wall. 

When property styling is utilised, the furniture becomes the focal point of the room and prospective buyers are less likely to notice any faults.

4. Unwanted Questions

Instead of focusing on if this is the home for them, a lack of furniture may encourage buyers think about why you’re selling in the first place.

If the furniture is already out of the home before it is sold, it can seem like the owners had to rush out of the house. This can allow unwanted questions to arise. 

Why have the owners already moved out? Why did they move elsewhere? Has it been on the market for a long time? Why hasn’t it already sold?

Put these questions to bed by investing in property styling as there will be no questions asked if the rooms are filled with furniture.


The intention of property styling is to entice buyers and allow them to develop a connection to the home and in return, sell your home faster and at a higher price.

If you’re looking to put your house on the market soon, contact Place Graceville today.


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