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Tips for Having Your Rental Application Approved

Tuesday April 23, 2019 ● By Laura Sinclair // Place Graceville


When it comes to renting, often you must search high and low until you finally find the perfect property to call home. However, that’s not the end of the journey as you still need your rental application approved.

Jessica Tuite is the leasing consultant at Place Graceville, who oversees the approval of applicants. Your rental application can make or break your chances of getting accepted. We sat down with Jessica to talk about what she looks for when accepting applicants.

What do you look for in a rental application?

The ratio is that the price of the property needs to be less than 30% of their overall household income. I check that they’ve got a stable secure job, they’ve been there for a certain period and they’re reliable. I check their rental history with their previous real estate company. I look at if they pay their rent on time or if they’ve had any breaches. I ask lots of questions including: have they had noise complaints, damaged the house or kept pets they weren’t allowed to keep? These questions help us figure out if you’ve been a good tenant. 

What is the main factor you prioritise?

Rental history is probably the main priority when I’m looking at a rental application. It is more important than how much they earn. They can earn $3000 per week, but their previous rental history is reveals that they’ve destroyed the house, it doesn’t matter how much they make.

What about people who have no rental history to check?

It depends on how old they are and the reason they haven’t rented before. If they’re young adults who have never rented before we usually get an adult to be their guarantor. A rent guarantor is the legal term for a co-signer, who agrees to be legally responsible for the apartment, its condition and the money owed for rent. Landlords only want to have responsible renters, however as many young renters lack a rental history, it can be hard to know if they will be good renters. As guarantors are legally and financially responsible for the property, it reduces the risk.

If it’s somebody that has always owned properties and never rented before, then that’s usually okay because landlords like people who have owned a property as they understand what it takes to look after a house that’s yours.


What puts people ahead of others?

People who present themselves nicely, increase their chances of a successful rental application. Think of the open for inspection as a mini interview. As the leasing consultant could believe that how you present yourself may be a representation of how you will treat the property.

When you attend open homes, make sure you neatly presented as first impressions count. It is advised you wear respectable clothes and shoes and have tidy hair.

Make sure to clean up your digital presence too as this may impact your application. Ensure your privacy settings are strong, and there is nothing online that you wouldn’t want your grandmother or boss to see.

What can I do to make the process as smooth as possible?

The more information you give me the better. I look for rental applications that are full and have all the information I need. The less time I spend chasing you to follow you up, the more efficiently and quickly I can approve the application. So, put down all the information when you first fill out the form.

The potential tenant using 1Form is the best way as it enables us to do our checks very quickly. 1Form is a button on realestate.com. As 1Form saves all the applicants details the first time they register, it allows the applicant to apply for multiple properties with just one application. It means that they don’t have to filled out their details repeatedly for each property. 1form makes it easy for us and easy for you.

Any advice to current rentals?

If you’re renting now make sure you pay on time and that you keep the house tidy because it will have an affect you when you go to rent again.

If you’re looking for a rental or perhaps, you’d like more tips on how to be a successful applicant, contact Place Graceville.

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