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4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a Property

Thursday January 30, 2020 ● By Laura Sinclair // Place Graceville

You may enjoy a coffee every morning, or perhaps sipping a cup of tea might be embedded into your daily routine. However, one thing that you probably don't do on a daily basis, is sell your home, so it can be difficult to know what the right process actually is. 

The fact of the matter remains that this is a huge decision, but doesn't necessarily have to be a huge process. We've narrowed down 4 of the most common mistakes to avoid when selling your home to ensure you hit the ground running. 

1. Don’t have a messy house when the photographer comes

Your property's presence online is the most accessible place for people to view the property at their convenience, so wouldn't you want to tell its story in the best way possible? Online photos of your property are the first point of contact between your home and the buyer. It is vital to make a good, and long lasting impression so get cleaning!

Nothing is more off-putting than food splatters on the splash back or piles of papers in the study.

It is essential to allow potential buyers to start establishing an emotional connection with the home when they are flicking through the photos. 

That emotional connection will be stunted if potential buyers see endless clutter, filthy surfaces, or disorganised spaces. 

Depersonalise your home so that the new owners can begin to imagine themselves creating a future in your property. 

2. Don’t give possible owners your 'to-do' list

If you’re selling a house and it’s sitting on the market with no traction and no offers, then chances are it needs a bit of work. 

People don’t want to move in to their beautiful new property and face endless household tasks. 

So, repaint that wall, fix that garden bed and seal that leaking shower, as the new owners want to buy your property, not your to do list.

to-do list being written

3. Don’t skimp on marketing

While some people believe property marketing is a waste of money, most of the time, it gets owners a higher offer. You can’t sell a secret. If more people know that you’re selling your house, it creates competition for the property, and high competition leads to higher offers being presented.

You're trying to show your property not just to the world, but rather to that perfect person that will actually purchase your home, and high quality marketing will help you achieve just that.

4. Don’t choose your agent based on fees

If an agent charges no commission or a flat fee and it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Performance speaks louder than alleged appraisal prices. Go for the agent who has sold many properties, rather than the agent who promises you a 15% high price than other agents. 

Ask when your agent last sold a home? How many have they sold in the last 6 months or the last 12 months?

Make sure your agent isn’t all talk. 

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