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Presenting REB's #1 Agent in Queensland

Thursday May 14, 2020 ● By Daisy Hicks // Place Estate Agents

In April, Real Estate Business (REB) released their annual top 100 Real Estate Agents. The ranking sets the benchmark for success in residential real estate sales, identifying those a cut above the rest by reporting on sales volume and other relevant statistics. For the first time, an Agent from Place has entered the ranks, his ranking also earning him the title of #1 in Queensland.

Simon Caulfield and his team are synonymous with high-end property in Brisbane. As director of Place Kangaroo Point, he specialises in selling luxury development apartments and homes in the Inner City region. 


The REB Top 100 Agents ranking is the premier benchmark for real estate professionals across Australia, highlighting excellence across the board. This year, Simon Ranked #18 in Australia also earning #1 in Queensland, after selling a total of $144,818,911 worth of properties over 2019. That’s 82 properties with an average sale price of $1,766,064 – wow!

Simon says that he feels “honoured and humbled to be recognised amongst Australia’s best. This achievement is a true credit to my entire team as well as our strategy, reputation and our passion and love for real estate.”

In the last decade, Simon and his team have successfully represented over $500,000,000 in real estate transactions, a testament to their commitment. Their experience in selling at the high end is underpinned by their success in over 7 luxury off the plan development sellouts starting with SILT 50 Holman Street, Kangaroo Point in 2013 through to Walan 2 Scott Street, Kangaroo Point and 59 Byron Street, Bulimba in 2018 & 2019.


"My mantra is walk the walk and talk the talk...you can't get any more authentic than a real estate agent who buys the same real estate their clients do. For many years, we have continued to reside and own within the luxury developments we have sold for our clients, ” he says. 

When asked what his top tip was for anyone wanting to do what he does, he said “if you want to represent quality real estate, you need to embody everything about it. Selling real estate in the luxury end requires a real understanding of the residences you represent. Place Estate Agents is synonymous with luxury property and our business at Place Kangaroo Point is at the epicentre.”

So, what's next for Simon and his team? "2020 has taken a turn no one saw coming, but that hasn't stopped us - at all! For now, we're going to continue to achieve great results for our clients and watch the team grow."

The Place family are incredibly proud of Simon and his teams achievements and look forward to seeing them reach new heights. If you're ready to work alongside Brisbane's best and kick-start your career in real estate with Place, then click here.

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