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How To Style Your Apartment When Selling

Friday June 1, 2018 ● By Shannon Edwards // Place New Farm


Whether you’re selling or looking for a new tenant, styling your home can make a huge impact.

From first impressions to the finer details, styling every room is essential.

Phoebe Shorter from Foxy Home Staging says one of the rooms that often go forgotten is the kitchen.

“The kitchen can be a major selling point of any home, and through simple styling you can really make the space attract a buyer’s eye,” says Phoebe.

Phoebe gives us four tips worth considering when it comes to styling your kitchen. Check it out!

Tip 1: Declutter the space

To attract the attention of the buyer, the best way to present your kitchen is with as little clutter as possible.

Remove all those everyday items from the bench.

Everything from the toaster, kettle and the knife block need to be cleared and put away.

Tip 2: Do a proper clean

A clean kitchen is a good kitchen. Every surface should undergo a thorough clean before being presented at sale.

What many people don’t consider is those areas that go ‘unseen’ - remember, at inspection, nothing is unseen.

Get in the cupboards, reorganise (or remove everything entirely) and give the shelves and doors a scrub .

Tip 3: Create focal points

Adding focal points in the kitchen will help attract the buyers eye.

A styling idea is using attractive, everyday items you would find in the kitchen such as a cooking book, wooden chopping board and pair that with some greenery.

Tip 4: Add a lifestyle element

Incorporating a lifestyle element into your styling will allow the buyer to envision themselves in the space.

Anything from cheese platters, bowls of fruit and bottles of wine, not only photograph well but also add a homely factor to the space.