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How to Prepare Your Home for Storm Season in Brisbane

Friday November 23, 2018 ● By Emma Atkin // Place New Farm

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While our sunshine state’s famous summer marks the arrival of one of the most anticipated times of year, the warmer days we all love subsequently brings some dangerous weather.   

A sunny afternoon can turn into dark and stormy skies in minutes, making it vital to prepare your home to avoid getting caught out, potentially resulting in damage or injury.   

Here are some simple tips to prepare your home for storm season in Brisbane. 

Trim trees and branches  

The number one cause of structural damage to homes during storm season in Brisbane is falling trees or loose branches. It’s vital to stay on top of tree maintenance, particularly if there’s a decaying or unsafe tree in your neighbourhood. We recommend employing a qualified arborist or asking the council or energy company to check trees on your street that may pose a threat to both yours and your neighbours homes.  

Secure external items  

Loose items in your backyard such as outdoor furniture, bikes and pots should be made as secure as possible or stored inside. Securing loose items will minimise the risk of dangerous objects becoming airborne in the strong winds and potentially causing structural damage to your home and protect the items themselves from rain or hail. Along with this, make sure that all shades, sails and awnings are properly fitted and secured.  

Clear your gutters 

Gutters can very rapidly gather leaves and other debris, especially in tumultuous weather. It’s important to check that your gutters are clear every couple of weeks to avoid roof damage from overflow following heavy rain. 

Get your roof checked 

Your roof is your primary means of protection in wild weather, so it’s important to ensure that it’s in the best condition possible. Damage or corrosion can be detrimental during storm season in Brisbane, with even the smallest of structural concerns being magnified during a powerful downpour.  


In a particularly powerful storm involving lightening, make sure you unplug all appliances and turn off your electricity, gas and water. 

Other tips 

It’s always helpful to register for severe weather alerts, which can be sent by app, email or text to your phone from the Brisbane City Council. You can register for their severe weather alerts here. Last but certainly not least - make sure you think of your pets, ensuring they are registered and microchipped, and keep them safe inside your home with you and your family.