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Career Skills That Could Make you Successful in Real Estate

Wednesday August 2, 2023 ● By Emily Russ // Place Estate Agents

Often exciting, sometimes challenging and always rewarding, a role in real estate could be the perfect fit for you. Not sure how your current position can translate? Read on to discover why you might be ready for a role in real estate…


Hospitality, Retail, Administration and Customer Services

Perhaps one of the most crucial elements in real estate is engaging with the public and using effective communication. Whether its discussing a product with a potential customer, taking a meal order or fielding enquiries from a patron, active listening is a key element of sales, property management and administration roles in real estate. At the heart of it all is the ability to understand the other person’s expectations and to express how they might be achieved by yourself and your team.

Additionally, something many of our team members have appreciated is how these experiences can make you feel more comfortable with being told ‘no’ and not taking these exchanges personally. In a real estate sales role, you might be dealing with a potential seller who is envisioning a different sales approach for their property or an alternative marketing strategy. Rather than seeing this as a roadblock, it can be helpful to seek clarification and consider pivoting methods.

Another core skill typically gained in a hospitality, retail or customer service role is the ability to follow processes. Preparing a dish for service, putting through a transaction, confirming an order – tasks such as these can arm you with transferrable skills like filling out forms, preparing marketing collateral or organising payments. Never underestimate the power of a good checklist!


Marketing and Communications

From PR to journalism and social media content producing, there are an array of roles that can be helpful if making the move to real estate. Much like with hospitality, retail and customer service, communicating with clients and colleagues in a professional but approachable manner is crucial to both fields. Making calls and emailing clients is generally part of your everyday to-do list in a real estate role, with timeliness and respect serving as the cornerstone of positive interactions.

Those in marketing and communications are usually familiar with deadlines and managing priorities. In a real estate role, you might have to process paperwork, organise marketing and attend meetings with clients. Knowing how to balance these and ensure a successful workflow can be incredibly advantageous and work in your favour.

Lastly, an eye for what might capture potential buyers’ attention is undeniably valuable in a real estate role. Knowing what to highlight about a property and what type of buyer might be interested can make all the difference.


Construction and Trades

Moving from a construction or trades role to a position in real estate might seem like a huge change, however there are many pearls of wisdom that can make you all the more confident. Working to deadlines, understanding time commitments and engaging with contracts are essential to both, as is being able to work with others and seeing a common goal. As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work!

In many construction or trades roles, you might also be required to travel across the city and its surrounds. Knowledge of Brisbane and its localities is an excellent tool to have in your toolbox, pun unintended. Of course, insight of how a property has been built and an understanding of its quality can also impress a potential buyer and give you a possible edge on the competition.


Key factors needed for a real estate role

A few extra skills to keep in mind? Along with being adaptable and embracing problem-solving situations, making new connections and establishing lasting relationships is something to be valued and cherished in real estate.

When asked what has been most important for their role, our agents and their support team members all agreed that passion and drive is fundamental. To enjoy your role and reap its rewards, it’s vital to have an interest in the real estate market and a desire to achieve the best results for your clients.

Our purpose at Place Estate Agents is to help people find their happy place – this applies to working with buyers and sellers, as well as making team members feel at home in their role.


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