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Why Selling a House in January Gives you the Upper Hand

Sunday December 30, 2018 ● By Emma Maidens // Place Estate Agents


The benefits of selling a house in January are often overlooked due to the popularity of the Spring season.

Misconceptions about selling early in a new year can deter sellers, when in reality there are many reasons why a January listing can get you the best results.

Beat the Competition:

Spring is renowned as the best time of year to sell, but this reputation means the season has the highest number of listings, resulting in your property facing more competition. Instead, opting to sell your house in January gives you the opportunity to list your property while other potential sellers are still in holiday mode.

With fewer properties to choose from, more buyers will get to see your place. It’s generally accepted that the market starts up again after Australia Day weekend, but by being proactive and listing your property earlier you have the upper hand. The result? More eyes on your property and less competition in the marketplace, exactly what every seller wants.


New Year’s Resolutions:

January is the time of year when people take stock of what they want to achieve in the next year and set resolutions. Often these goals can include buying a new home or investment. Over the summer holidays, people who are thinking of purchasing have had the time to research and are now transitioning into serious, eager buyers. Selling a house in January puts your property in front of motivated buyers, who are often back at work scrolling the property market.

Lack of Stock on the Market:

Buyers are desperate to purchase before the holidays, so a lot of stock is cleared prior to Christmas. This means when January rolls around there are very few listings, increasing the chance your property will be seen by buyers. Your listed property will be likely to achieve the successful results you want in a relatively empty market.


Shines a Spotlight on Property Features:

Brisbane experiences mild weather all year round, but also a prolonged summer season. As a result, many houses are built with features specifically to accommodate the hot weather. These can include verandas that catch the afternoon breeze, outdoor entertainment areas and pools. Properties with these qualities, or that are located near a river, sell particularly well in summer as buyers can imagine themselves living there immediately. Additionally, if you have a home that becomes dark and cold in winter, selling in summer can be more appealing to buyers.

In 2019 Place Estate Agents are opening homes as early as January 5th, giving you a head start on other listings and agents. If you’re thinking of selling a house in January, contact us to book a free appraisal today and catch the first wave of summer buyers!