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2022’s biggest interior design trends

Monday January 3, 2022 ● By Emily Russ // Place Estate Agents

Interior Design Trends 2022

Another year is over and we’re excited to spruce up our homes in 2022! Searching for new ideas? We’ve uncovered the top five interior design trends that designers and homeowners are loving this year... 


It’s easy being green  

When it comes to paint colours in 2022, take inspiration from the outdoors and let green tones add freshness to your home. A major trend predicted by forecasters Pantone and Pinterest, this delightful colour palette will be seen in everything from kitchen cabinetry and feature walls to furniture and design accents.  

Go bold with emerald tones or keep things beautifully muted by choosing moss and sage hues. Following on from this, nature-inspired wallpapers are also making it big in the new year – seek out vintage-style options showcasing floral or jungle-inspired patterns to create excellent impact. 


Embrace curves  

A major trend for 2021 that’s creeping into the new year, curved furniture will be even more prominent in 2022. Fusing contemporary flair with a touch of retro style, rounded-edge pieces can look amazing in both classically elegant homes and modern abodes.  

Curved couches with ‘puffy’ textures, coffee tables, rugs and armchairs look amazing, while curves are also being incorporated into design elements like interior walls and island benches.  


Make a statement with lighting  

Forget your basic floor lamp and cast away your simple pendant lights; it’s all about ‘statement lighting’ in 2022. With searches for terms such as ‘70s lighting’ on the rise, it seems we’re wanting to really give attention to the smaller details in our homes.

Art-Deco wall scones, retro ‘mushroom’ lamps, striking sculptural floor lamps and eye-catching pendant lights are favourites for the new year. Our advice? Consider the space you’re working with and bring in one bold piece to complement the setting.  


Wainscotting for the win  

Synonymous with heritage-style refinement, wainscotting is getting a makeover. A charming design element involving decorative wall panels and frames, this exquisite detail creates instant grandeur with enduring appeal.  

To update the look, avoid classic white-painted options. In 2022, interior designers are featuring wainscotting in moody colours like deep blue, calming green and youthful blushes.  


Cool craftsmanship  

One good thing to come out of lockdowns, apparently, is our growing desire to personalise our homes and look for ways to make them unique. Driven by this, consumers are purchasing vintage and antique furniture pieces that have personality. Another bonus? Buying second-hand is also a sustainable way to refresh your abode.  

We’re also showing our personalities through handmade pieces – think ceramics, sculptures and wall art. Kudos to anyone who took on (or aspires to take on) any DIY projects!  


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