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Join Place Ascot

Directors Patrick McKinnon and Drew Davies joined forces in 2019 and since then, Place Ascot has been an unstoppable force, becoming the fastest growing real estate agency on the NorthsideTheir partnership, alongside the Place Professional Services offering has seen the development of the best service and results in Ascot and surrounding suburbs.  

Not only are they stand-out agents, the two share a philosophy of growing people within their team to help them become the best real estate agents that they can. People are attracted to working at Place Ascot to learn from the industry leaders and stay because of the electric energy and office culture. The office has also expanded to include a Projects division, supporting the renewal in surrounding suburbs.  

On top of regular Place training sessions, the team run their own Growth training sessions, inviting professionals from a range of sectors to educate their team.


Real estate sold by Place Ascot