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The Power of Auction

Place has a 100% service commitment to ensure we get your property into the Place Green Zone. Auction is a credible sales process when handled correctly, and we aim to make every auction experience first class.

Our Commitment to Sellers

  • Auctions allow us to market the features and benefits of your property, rather than just the price
  • Relevant members of the Place sales team will visit your property prior to launching
  • You will receive communication and a tailored weekly written report throughout your auction campaign
  • A weekly face-to-face campaign meeting at your agent’s Place office
  • A day 14 marketing review to ensure your campaign’s effectiveness
  • Up to two open for inspections per week will be held to ensure all buyers have an opportunity to attend one mid-week open and one Saturday open
  • A four-page premium brochure will be delivered throughout the area surrounding your property prior to auction night
  • A courtesy phone call from our Place call centre to surrounding areas to extend an invitation to your auction event
  • A pre-auction strategy meeting will be scheduled with Place’s Chief Auctioneer or Sales Director
  • Port auction, a seven day relisting strategy will be developed and put in place if required

Our Commitment to Buyers

  • A welcoming and relaxed inspection at any open home where we will request buyer contact details to relay important property information
  • We will not mislead buyers about value. In fact, where possible we will provide the most current market information and comparable sales in the local area to assist buyers
  • We will provide buyers the most comprehensive pre-auction package including:
    • An invitation to Place’s next In-Rooms Auction event
    • An invitation to view a Place Auction Event on Place TV
    • A written explanation about what to expect prior to and during an auction
    • A Contract of Sale
    • Property disclosures and sustainable declarations
    • A copy of Queensland’s Standard Terms of Auction
    • Place service commitment to buyers at auction
    • Building and pest inspection reports (if available)
    • Sales comparisons
    • A property floor plan and brochure
  • The option of pre-auction meeting with the listing agent and/or auctioneer to discuss the best approach for the auction event
  • Personal assistance throughout the auction to ensure you’re in the best position to purchase