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How to Prepare your Home for Summer

Tuesday November 20, 2018 ● By Laura Sinclair // Place Graceville


There's no debating, the Queensland summer has well and truly arrived. 

As the weather warms up, Queensland residents go back to their outdoor lifestyles after a brief but chilly winter.

Preparing your home for summer is vital. Not only will it create a liveable home for you, but it will create a desirable house for anyone wanting to buy your property in the future. 



Make your entertainment area the heart of your home

For Australian’s, summer is a festive time of year. In the busy months of November and December you are never quite sure who might pop around for a cup of tea (or maybe a wine). As a rule of thumb always be ready to entertain. 

When summer comes around it is time to oil your deck, sweep away any leaves and spruce up your furniture with decorations.

Create a welcoming space where your guests can sit for hours and watch the hot summer days roll by. 



Create outdoor shaded areas

In the peak of summer Queenslanders often retreat indoors, turning up their fans and turning down the temperature of their air conditioners. But staying cooped up indoors means you miss out on the beautiful days Brisbane has to offer during these warmer months.

When preparing your home for summer creating a shaded outdoor area ensures you can still enjoy the outdoors during these hot days. 

Create a space with an awning, shaded trees or an umbrella to unsure you can sit comfortably in the garden to enjoy a morning coffee or an afternoon drink. 



Curtains to keep out the heat

Windows can let too much heat in during summer. According to the Australian Government up to 87% of a home’s heat gain in summer can be through windows and skylights1. 

Installing curtains or blinds on windows traps the hot air between the curtain and the window, which can prevent heat gain. 

Thicker fabrics and multiple layers of fabric give the best protection against heat.

Installing curtains is an easy and valuable way to make your home more comfortable in the peak of summer.  blinds_to_keep_out_heat


Get pool levels checked

The lucky Australians who have a backyard pool know that the pool becomes the heart of the home during the summer months. 

To ensure only the finest pool days, it is important to prepare your house for summer by checking your pool levels regularly.

Pool PH levels naturally fluctuate due to rain, wind, sunshine and excess splashing. 

Testing your pool water regularly is a fundamental aspect to owning a pool and the more you test your pool water, the healthier your pool will be2. check_pool_levels


Spruce your garden up 

With the weather warm enough for the kids to play outside all day, it is a good idea to have an attractive garden to look at.

Introducing a few extra plants into the garden can make all the difference and in Brisbane’s hot, dry climate, it is suggested to choose drought tolerant plants. 

Drought tolerant plants are good for areas where rain is minimal. These plants help you save water and are low maintenance, so you can maximise your time doing other summer activities.

Some drought resistant plants to get you started include: agapanthus, thyme, acacia, agave and lavender. 



Create a storm emergency kit

Brisbane is prone to severe thunderstorms and one day an emergency kit may come in use. 

While it may seem over the top, preparing your home for summer includes assembling a kit for emergency situations. 

At the bare minimum, the Queensland Government suggests a battery powered torch, a small first aid kit, battery powered radio, matches and water in case of emergency.

During a severe storm, if your property loses power or is damaged this emergency kit will be essential until power is restored.


By applying these tips home owners can spruce up their homes and become more comfortable during the heat. 

Are you looking to sell your home this summer? Ensure you prepare your home for summer to make it appealing to the buyer. 

If you are in the market to buy or sell, contact Place Graceville to have a chat. 


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