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Why a Role in Property Management Might Be Ideal for You

Tuesday October 31, 2023 ● By Emily Russ // Place Estate Agents

Undeniably dynamic and fascinating, a role in Property Management is certainly never boring. To find out more, we asked Place Bulimba Senior Property Manager Josh Frew for his insight…


What does a Property Management role usually cover?

At its heart, a Property Manager acts as the bridge between landlords and tenants. “We handle the nitty-gritty details of leasing, ensuring that agreements are fair and square,” explains Josh. “From screening potential tenants to negotiating leases, we are the conductors of a rental real estate brand.”

In addition to conducting open-for-inspections, advertising rental properties and finding the perfect tenant, Property Managers take on another unofficial job title: Property Maestro. PMs will usually have a list of preferred suppliers and tradespeople as agreed to by the landlord, equipping them with a handy source of information and contacts if a problem unfortunately arises. “We are the go-to people if something goes wrong in a property,” says Josh. “Whether it’s repairing leaky faucets or fixing faulty wiring, we are the ones who dispatch the repair crews and make sure that the ship stays afloat, so to speak.”

Central to each task is the importance of caring for landlords’ and tenants’ best interests, as well as maintaining the liveability of the property. “It’s not just about bricks and mortar,” says Josh. “It’s about people, contracts and a little bit of magic to keep everything in harmony.”


What might a typical ‘day in the life’ of a Property Manager involve?

While no two days are the same, there are certain tasks that PMs often see to – think monitoring rental listings, meeting potential tenants, screening applicants and organising any relevant property maintenance. “It’s a whirlwind of tasks, challenges and victories,” enthuses Josh. “We regularly deal with things such as processing eviction notices, keeping up-to-date with fair housing regulations, filling out paperwork and conducting inspections.”

Along with staying on top of potential challenges, there are a myriad of benefits to a role in Property Management. “Building relationships with tenants, landlords and contractors is not just part of the job; it’s one of the most rewarding aspects,” says Josh. “We also often find that the variety in tasks keeps the job interesting and stops monotony from setting in.”


What you might love about this type of role..

Perfect for those seeking versatility, a Property Management role is also a brilliant fit for people with fantastic problem-solving, time-management and negotiating skills. “A role in Property Management is like being the captain of a real estate ship,” says Josh. “It’s about juggling responsibilities, staying on top of the market and ensuring that both landlords and tenants have a smooth sailing experience.”

Josh also suggests that being a ‘people person’ is a definite asset. “When it comes to dealing with the public, Property Management is your stage,” he says. “It’s also a profession that demands resilience and adaptability. The challenges keep things interesting, every day brings a new puzzle to solve and the benefits make it a journey worth taking.”


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