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How you can incorporate Authentic Leadership into your career

Thursday June 8, 2023 ● By Rachel Sanft

Place collaborates with Cherie Canning on an ongoing basis, with the concept of Authentic Leadership being something she brings tremendous insight on. With every session, she aims to emphasise the importance of realising the potential living within yourself to transform the way you function in and outside of work – for the better! 

It all starts with our own personal values and WHY, how to work above the line and what action items we identified to invigorate what we value and be the best versions of ourselves.  

Here are some key takeaways from the team that are bound to benefit to your Property Career! 


1. Manage expectations and your time

We love team players and assisting where we can but in order for ourselves to stay afloat, sometimes we need to ask ourselves “If I say yes to this, what am I saying no to?”  


2. Be above the line 

You are unable to control everything and everyone. If a situation hasn’t gone the way you intended, that is okay! Working above the line where you are in control of your emotions and thoughts puts you at peak performance!  


3. Remember to have self-confidence! 

“Believe you’re the best, but no better than anyone else” 

Authentic leadership involves being committed to personal growth (1% better every day!), cultivating self-awareness, remaining self-disciplined, and asking yourself what is your purpose, how do I want to show up every day?  

Remember, seamlessly tying these takeaways into your everyday operations will be a marathon, not a sprint. Think of the end result as rather a combination of daily commitment complimented by an optimistic attitude! 


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