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A guide to bringing your pet into the office

Thursday November 10, 2022 ● By Emily Russ // Place Estate Agents

A guide to bringing your pet into the office

If there’s one thing that we love at Place, it’s when our amazing staff bring in their pets for the day.

Promising to put a smile on everyone’s faces and to lighten up the mood, a furry friend hanging out in the office can not only benefit the pet themselves but also the humans around them. Thinking of bringing your fur-baby to work? We asked some members of our Place HQ team for their tips and advice.


Nadine Burt, Human Resources Coordinator 

“Think realistically about what type of personality your dog has. Will they feel comfortable being in a foreign environment surrounded by lots of new people? Do they like to bark and run around, or would your pet be happy sitting in its bed next to your desk all day? 

I’d also advise setting up a small bowl of water from the get-go and bringing along infinite treats! Additionally, plan a few 10-minute breaks throughout your day to take your doggo on a walk outside, so they don’t leave any unwanted surprises for you and your colleagues in the office!” 


Lauren Merzouk, Project Manager

“My advice would be to fit in an hour-long run before work and to let everyone cuddle your pet, as it tuckers them out and they sleep for hours at your desk. Also, talk to your colleagues and prepare a babysitting buddy if you have any meetings.  

For my dog, Macchiato, I’ve found that bringing along a horse hoof chew can keep him entertained for ages. It’s nice to have him with me and to not worry that my dog is stressed and lonely at home… and chewing on something!”  



Grace Holgate, Marketing Coordinator 

“Make sure you plan ahead – bring in lots of snacks, water, a comfy bed and toys. For my dog, Piper, I found it helpful to let her sniff around the office; it made her feel more comfortable in the space. 

Another thing to keep in mind is if your pet has any dietary requirements. If so, be sure to let your colleagues know and avoid shared office spaces, like the kitchen. You never know what your dog might find.”  



Tatum Green, Human Resources Coordinator  

“It’s a good idea to avoid any toys that take up a lot of space. Keep it simple – your dog will just love being with you, even without any large and extravagant items. If you can, also be sure to organise your day ahead of time so you can take a few walks for bathroom breaks and fresh air.  

My dog Winnie really loved experiencing a new environment and meeting new people. Having her in the office brightens up my day 10,000 times more.”   

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